Holistic Body Spa & Wellness Day Retreat

A Healing Spa
Where Inner and Outer Beauty Reflect Each Other

Providing Spa Transformation since 2000
& Healing Methodologies since 1996

No Longer in Redondo Beach, CA!!!

We are 100% virtual!!!

We are available for these virtual sessions:

Holistic Life Coaching/Readings

Soul Communication Guidance

Holistic Healing Sessions

Energy Work

Manifestation Work

Custom Crafted Magickal Tool Orders

Custom at home spa treatments

In our one on one holistic body spa and wellness day retreat, the ancient meets modern and the esoteric meets traditional.

We are a life enhancing enrichment center specializing in mind, body, spirit makeovers!
Our treatment methods are art forms, not a science.

We are a boutique establishment where we do not promise lush surroundings or amenities.
We believe that serenity comes from results oriented treatments that are provided one-on-one in a no-nonsense, quaint, cozy setting.

Feel the kinetic vibe that our healing space emits as transformation awaits.
Whether one's visit is for vanity or actual healing, one benefits from our radiant healing energies.


Slimming Spa Treatments
Plastic Surgery Alternatives
Pre / Post - Operative Support
Longevity AntiAging Therapies
Holistic Healing Methods

Most treatments are exclusive to A Healing Spa.
We are eternally evolving. Please come back to see what we've added.

Please read our success stories!
Many have incorporated our treatments into their own preventive maintenance regimen.

A Healing Spa is a sole identity

and is not affiliated with any other individual, company or entity.

​Providing Spa Transformation since 2000

& Healing Methodologies since 1996