Happy Endings... Success Stories

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I needed to lose a few inches around my tummy.  I had been doing the inch loss detox treatments but wanted to up the ante.  Cindy suggested the Cavi-Lipo treatment and the

mobilization lymphatic drainage treatment in addition to the inch loss detox treatment.  The first time I did it, I could feel my tummy deflate.  I just did this combination again yesterday but this time with the Shape Shift Fusion treatment to try something different.  When I did the Cavi-Lipo treatment, I had to go to the restroom after 30 minutes.  I had just gone to the restroom before we started so I knew it was doing something!  Cindy said it was already working on detoxing me!  I could see and feel the difference!  I'm thinking of doing another package like this latest one next week.  Not only did it help with my goals, the Shape Shift Fusion treatment helped with my shoulder surgery healing and recovery.  I am so glad I found her!
​MF, LA, CA 11/17___________________

I decided to run in the Miss San Gabriel Valley Pageant so my mom looked up treatments to tighten up my body and found Cindy at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.  Cindy customized a treatment plan for me and I had great results! My butt was lifted so I looked great for the swimsuit competition.  My body was tightened and detoxed so I looked great in my evening gown and my confidence was on point!   We also bought a bunch of her handcrafted healing products and body products. LOVE!!!   II didn't expect to win, but I did!  I'm up to compete for Miss California so I'll be back to get more treatments.  I think I want to try a healing treatment too as there are many life changes that I am facing.  BC, Redondo Beach, CA 05/16____________________

I had a video shoot coming up so my assistant researched what we could do to look better not only for the shoot but for the summer.  She found Cindy and her awesome treatments at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.  We came in for detox wraps first and LOVED them!  Came in the following week and  got the wrap and the non-surgical face lift treatment.  OMG!!!!   LOVE the results!  Came in again 4 days later and did the same combination and my puffy under eye bags were gone!!!!  I always have red carpet events so I will be making frequent visits here.  MA, Redondo Beach, CA  05/16______________________

I did the inch loss detox treatment and lost 28 inches in my first session.  The folds on my back disappeared!!!!  Wow!  What a great way to start the new year!  2016 is going to be great!  TK,  Los Angeles, CA 01/16_________________

was feeling "off".  I couldn't put my finger on what the problem was.  I don't know how I found the site.  I'm pretty sure I was led to find it (divine intervention, no doubt).  I got the Esoteric Energy healing session and felt the heaviness leave my body.  I had a more positive outlook.  I came in a few days later to do an inch loss detox treatment and told Cindy that my husband was more attentive (which was one of the issues I had when I came in for the healing session) and I felt like we were connecting on a higher level (which was also what I wanted help with).  I am so grateful to have found Cindy and her healing space.  I am making it part of my regime for healthier living.  NW, Manhattan Beach, CA 12/15____________________

I came in for a cellulite package and then the complete overhaul package.  My back fat was gone and I am hooked!  I never spend money on myself and my husband insisted that I invest in these treatments.  I love that they are natural too!  CJ, Manhattan Beach, CA  10/15______________________

I have been away from LA, living abroad.  I have come back to LA for holiday and have seen Cindy during my vacations.  I started coming to her for healing and chakra clearing before I moved away.  Its been 8 years and I have moved back to LA.  I have known people who claim to do healing but Cindy sees things that no one else does.  I will continue to see her for as long as she agrees to work on me,  I am a total and complete believer of her abilities.  MK, SFV, CA  10/15_____________

I have been coming here for a year.  I have tried almost every treatment here and especially love the wraps and the healing treatments.  I have some nagging health issues that regular doctors can't seem to find the answer for.  They want me to spend thousands of $$to guess at what could possibly work.  No thanks.  I'd rather come here and get the natural treatments done because so far, they are the only thing that seem to be working,  I saw improvement soon after doing the treatments (combination healing and body treatment) so I would rather spend the $$here.  I'm hooked,  I'll be coming here for the rest of my life!  JD, Redondo Beach, CA 01/15_____________

I got the Complete Overhaul Package on a Tuesday.  On Thursday, I purchased a pair of jeans that were a size smaller.  On Friday I followed up my treatment with the Works 5 wrap.  Now I come in regularly for maintenance wraps.  I didn't make any big changes to my lifestyle, this just works for me.  JP, RPV, CA 08/14_____________

I was having trouble with my long time significant other.  I had talked to all of my friends about my problems but needed to find peace within myself.  I came to Cindy and she got me in the same day.  Boy was I glad she did!  I felt so much better after I got an Esoteric Energy Healing with her and about 2 hours later I sent her a message saying that my boyfriend  showed me warmth and affection without me even having to ask for it.  I was so overcome with gratitude that I almost passed out!  I can't remember the last time this happened!  I am continuing my treatments as it is helping with other areas of my life, too.  My work, my relationships with other people are all so much more harmonious, and the results are so rapid!  I am so grateful to have found Cindy the gifts she has is priceless!  AS, Redondo Beach, CA 06/14___________________________

I came in on Jan 3, 2014 got the Works 5 wrap.  I lost 2 pounds right after the wrap, 6 pounds the next day, and when I went to the doctor on Jan 8, 2014, I had lost 12 pounds.  By Jan 16, I was wearing jeans I couldn't get into.  I have been coming in religiously since.  I have gotten almost every treatment as well as many healing treatments for myself and my family.  I have been impressed with everything here and will continue to make it my weekly necessity!  ND, Redondo Beach, CA 03/14_____

3 years ago I gained 100 pounds during pregnancy. 6 months after I gave birth I had lost 75 pounds and entered my first fitness/swimsuit contest.  I was about to enter my second fitness/swimsuit contest and wanted to be tighter and on my A game so I called Cindy and got the Works 4 inch loss/detox treatment.  The day of the treatment I lost 2 pounds, was 8 pounds down the next day and 4 days later, on competiton day, was down 15 pounds.  I am personal trainer and am sending my clients to see Cindy.  I am a total advocate of the treatments here at Beach Bodyworks, the Healing Spa.  See photos on the Memorable Moments page.  SR, Redondo Beach, CA 11/13_________________

I came in and got the Works 4 wrap after my wife found this place.  I even came in before she did because I was so curious about what they could do for me.  I lost inches and felt amazing after.  

A month later, we came in to do the COMPLETE OVERHAUL package.  I came in in a suite that I had purchased 2 months ago and the suit was too big!  Since doing the Works4 wrap I had lost 2 pant sizes and need to get my clothes taken in!  We even took photos to post here!  Since doing the Shape Shift Fusion level 4, where Cindy applied the fat burners felt like the fat just melted off and I just had skin there!  WOW, is all my wife kept saying!  We are definitely going to make this a regular part of our health and wellness routine.  We plan on coming in at least once a month.  Its such a necessity!  SG,  Redondo Beach, CA 10/13____________________

I was an actress years ago.   I gave up my art because I lacked confidence and went into a career that help boost celebrities in their career.  When I found Cindy and Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa, I was on the verge of resuming my own spotlight, and came in to get my confidence back.  I did the INNER / OUTER BEAUTY package.  The healing helped heal my demons, quench my fears and gave me the confidence and the drive to get my own projects off the ground and moving in the right direction.  The detox wrap helped clear my "vices" out of my body and made me feel vibrant and jubilant.  It tightened up my body and especially my face and neck so that I could face the world looking fantastic. I know I will be successful with my art again, Cindy even saw me winning an Oscar for my work.  I know it will take lots of hard work and determination to get  there, but now I have the confidence to do so!  GG, LA & NY 09/13_______________

When I found the site I felt like I needed I needed everything.  I started with an Esoteric Energy Healing session and to my surprise, I felt so comfortable that I just chatted away like I was visiting an old friend.  I am not like that at all.  I am very shy and very reserved so being so comfortable was highly unusual.  But Cindy brings that out in me, and I felt like I got more out of the session than I normally would have if I were more subdued and closed off.  I gained confidence and felt like I could conquer the world after just 1 session. I am so grateful to have found this place!.  AP, RPV, CA 09/13_______________
***UPDATE:  I came back 2 weeks later to do a wrap.  That totally gave me more confidence in myself too!  I feel like a new person!

I did the Inner/Outer Beauty special because after going through the site I realized I needed almost everything offered here.  I am a novice at all this, and in Cindy's expert care, I feel I changed in so many ways in a very short amount of time.  In fact, I came in 3 days after I did the package because I wanted to really get ahead with my issues.  I got the Shiva tantra healing and again, my world changed dramatically.  I am not the same person I was a week ago, I never want to be that person again!  RD, RHE, CA 07/13_________________________

I  have been coming here for a few years.  A couple of years ago I did a Shakti Healing and the year following it brought many positive changes.  I came in to do this treatment again because I wanted to unleash the vixen within and become less inhibited in the bedroom.  The next day I was out wearing house cleaning clothes and no , CAmake up.  A couple of guys approached me and started hitting on me.  I messaged Cindy right away and she said that the energy from the healing was already working!  This is so awesome!  LV, LA, CA 05/13_________________________

I had been having money issues so I came in for an Esoteric Energy Healing sessiion to help open up my money flow.  2 days later a job opened up.  Wow,  I can't believe it worked so fast!  Cndy is my lucky charm!  I'm going to make this a regular thing!  LM, LA, CA 05/13_____________________

I have been working with Cindy on my relationship issues for some time now.  I don't know how she does it but my man has been more responsive to me and we are working through those issues.  Its truly magic!  TM, Redondo Beach, CA 04/13__________

The first time I came in for a detox wrap I lost 19 inches.  Three weeks later I came in before a trip and found that I had gained 9 pounds.  After the wrap I lost 6pounds and 26 inches.  I am 50 years old and Cindy thought that menopause was the culprit.  She made me look and feel amazing for my birthday cruise!  JA, LA, CA 04/13________________

I have been getting the Works 4 wrap every other week since 12/12.  I notice my abdomen is a lot flatter, I am no longer bloated, and my body is rejecting all the junk  I used to put into it.  I am hooked!  CJ, LA, CA 03/13_______________

I have been coming in for a few months getting wraps quite frequently.  I have gone from a size 10 to a 6 quickly and am motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.  I never thought of coming to a spa for weight loss but I am so glad I found this place!  IS, LA, CA 12/12____________

I came in first for slimming treatments because I was going to be on vacation in a bikini.  Loved the wraps (my favorite is the Shape Shift Fusion) then ventured to try some of the healing treatments.  I did the advanced Shakti healing and could NOT handle the energy that was generated.  I cried.  Over the course of a year, my life changed dramatically.  I became more assertive, I found my own apartment and am learning to live an "adult" life.  I still have a long way to go as a recent healing session with Cindy revealed that I still have a lot of intimacy issues which are preventing me from finding the right partner.  I will continue to work on these issues because I don't want to be alone.  I want to have a healthy, loving romantic relationship, sooner rather than later.  LV, LA, CA  03/12_________

I was diagnosed with a rare brain chordoma (only 300 new cases a year).  Somehow I was led to find Cindy. In the midst of my daily radiation treatments, I was in need of a "spiritual awakening."  Through her expertise, she devised a healing plan.  I have to say, I felt touched by the light that shines through her.  She knew exactly what I needed and I felt nurtured.  In my every day life, I am busy working on several popular TV shows.  Working with her has helped me manage the stressful pace.  I will be certain to fit her into my busy schedule.  As she says, its a necessity, not a luxury.  RM, Hollywood Hills, CA  01/12______________

I am an actor and have been coming here since 2008.  There's a wrap place close to where I live and have been there.  Over at the other place I have okay results that don't last very long but every time I come to see Cindy I get the Works 3 wrap with the extras and lose so many inches and up to 20 pounds in the few weeks following my appointment.  I don't mind driving out  to Redondo Beach for this wrap.  Highly highly recommend!!!  
MS, Westwood, CA  09/15/2011 _______________________

I decided to take charge of my life.  I was tired of being fat.  I got the Works 3 inch loss wrap and lost 25 inches.  I also felt really comfortable with Cindy and could talk about anything.  I am anxious to try everything here, I feel like I've found my new favorite place, it feels like coming home.  DL, Long Beach, CA 07/2011_____

I came in in April for an inch loss wrap to meet the measurement requirements I need for the military and had good results.  The same day I got the Vibrational Medicinals treatment for abundance.  Cindy explained that this could open up abundance in many different areas of my life, not just money. The VERY NEXT DAY following the treatment I met someone and we have been seeing each other ever since.  I came in again in June, did another inch loss wrap and also got an energy healing.  Cindy explained that in order for me to have a healthy relationship I need to work on my own issues.  I really want this work out so I am committed.  Thank you Cindy, I know it was because of you that my life took a turn in this direction!  MC, OC, CA 06/2011_________________

I initially came in for a detox but left with so much more.  I felt as though I had known Cindy as we were quite friendly almost immediately.  I did the Shape Shift Fusion treatment and felt great, but that was only the beginning!  I then came in a week later for an energy healing and Cindy knew things about me that were eerie and fascinating at the same time.  How did she know?  I had never had a session like this before but am now hooked!  Don't think you can hide anything from her, she'll know.  Thank you Cindy!  I have made so much more progress than all the time spent in therapy ever produced!  I will be back again and again.  I am so excited to see how my life changes now that the doors were opened!  DC, Lawyer, Redondo Beach, CA  05/13/11__________________________

I suffered from an enlarged prostate that was quite painful.  I asked Cindy if she could help with it through alternative energy healing and she said she could.  She explained how we would have to address some intimate and sensitive issues and that I couldn't be inhibited if we were to get to the root of the problem.  She made me feel comfortable from the get go and I surrendered to her expertise.  The session I had was simply AMAZING.  Not only did I get relief from my enlarged prostate, my sex life improved greatly.  I have stronger, more intense erections (not that I had impotency issues but I could have them be harder and firmer) and my intimate relationship with my girlfriend is so much more satisfying.  Cindy, we BOTH thank you!  You truly are a GODDESS!!!  I look forward to my next tantra session.  Life is so much more fun now!!!!!!!    TM, Newport Beach, CA  01/26/2011____________________

I had a hormonal imbalance due to being an athlete which threw my body into a tailspin.  I gained weight, I felt blah, I was a mess.  The first time I came in I got the full body mobilization treatment and the Ultra Plus detox treatment.  Immediately I saw definition in my legs and felt more myself.  Even my dad commented that he saw a difference and getting any feedback from him is a feat.  I have done a couple of these treatments and feel and look so much better every day!  This will definitely be a regular thing.  Thanks Cindy!!!  You gave me myself back!  NB, PV, CA 01/18/2011___________________________

I was plagued spiritually and was institutionalized because therapist thought I was crazy.  No one understood me.  I had come here for a wrap in the summer before my birthday and felt and looked great after,  I perused the brochure and saw that spiritual life coaching was offered here.  I came in for an Esoteric Energy healing session and was relieved that I finally found someone who didn't think I was crazy.  Cindy understood unequivocally that I was experiencing paranormal phenomena and was able to balance me enough to fight it,  Finally, I don't feel like I'm crazy the way therapists made me feel.  Finally there is hope for my recovery.  Thank you thank you!  MR, Redondo Beach, CA 10/10______________________

I was going to the Bahamas for my best friend's wedding and was going to be in a bikini for a week.  I am a detective for LAPD and wouldn't waste time at a "spa" unless it was specific.  I came in and got the Works 3 wrap and lost over 20 inches,   More than that though I felt great after.  I felt much smaller the next day.  I am definitely going to make this a regular habit.  SH, Hermosa Beach, CA  09/10________________________

I have been coming here for 10 years and love the treatments.  Cindy told me a couple of years ago that I would marry the guy in the black Porsche in November and now I have been married a year and am 3 months pregnant!  I am in such a loving relationship that I never thought I would ever have.  I'm hooked!  I LOVE coming here!  JP, MB, CA  04/10______________________

I just wanted to email you and let you know how fantastic I feel after the SHAPE SHIFT FUSION treatment yesterday.  Due to how much I sweat during the treatment, I thought I would be more tired during my work out but it was the complete opposite.  I went to the gym and got on the treadmill thinking I would simply jog a mile but I had so much energy that I was able to jog 2.5 miles!!! Not only that I did some weights and a long stretching session at the end of it all.  I slept incredibly well and i can't tell you how fabulous I felt this morning.  AD, LA, CA 04/10_________________I came in and got the Works 1 treatment.  The day I was 2 pounds lighter and a few body fat percentage less.  I did it to motivate me for summer.  Now I'm hooked!  LV, LA, CA 03/10_________

Cindy pinpointed to the T what my insane tenant was going to hit with in medical bills because my dog bit her (due to her stupidity, dogs don't bite without being provoked) so I was prepared when she gave me the bill.  I love having the insight.  Over the 12 years that I have been consulting with her she has been right on!!!  DD, Burbank, CA  12/09_________

I have been working with Cindy on some major life changing issues intensively for a couple of months now and the changes are amazing!  She is so compassionate,  supportive and objective.  I love that she doesn't take B/S from anyone or tolerate egotistical attitudes.  She is so unlike any healer that I've known.  I only come here for the healing and esoteric treatments and don't feel the need to go anywhere else.  My life is changing for the better, there's no turning back now!  DJ, LA, CA  12/09________

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Immune Boost  treatment!  It feels like I'm being fed everything I need to be healthy.  I plan on doing this every month.  BH, LA, CA  12/09_______

I usually don't like heat treatments but I love the way I feel when I do the immune boost treatment.  It feels like a big hug.  CA, MB, CA  12/09_____________

Dear Cindy,
It was nice to see you yesterday. I'm so happy that I could see you and I feel that I could change my life. I feel that my life is going better and everything is going what I want once I went to your place.
I know I made a right decision to see you. When I saw the article about you in the magazine, I feel that I have to take a therapy with you immediately. Something brought me out to your place. I know that I need to change and I did want to change my life. I want better quality of life. After the therapy, I feel that I did change. I don't know what exactly it is, but I know you help me and guide my life. I know I had a right choice that I choose you from many healers.
I want my boyfriend to know he is hurting me with his actions.  Loving self is important, but I need him to treat me like his most important treasure. That means I'm the most priority in his life. (is it too much...?lol)
I think I'm too much but I think I was hurting for a long time. My sorrow is huge that's why I think I want him to be change like I told you.
I do believe everything gonna be alright. I believe the miracle will happen to my life...:)
Thank you for coming in my life
AK, WLA & Japan  08/09__________________

I got the Shape Shift Fusion treatment and 2 weeks later I was 10 pounds lighter.  I wasn't sure at first what I had done differently, then realized it was the treatment that was different.  I'm hooked.  DC, LA. CA  07/09____________

I''m not sure how I found Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa but I did and was so moved when I spoke with Cindy initially that I planned my vacation around getting treatments with her.  I drove in from Idaho and stayed a month.  I was determined to change things within and stood up to my husband when I said "we are doing this" and not "I would like to do this."  That was the first step in the changes.  The month went by like a blur, and certain things happened to force me to address the issues.  I combined healing treatments with the detoxes and spa treatments and I have to say, when I left I was miles away from the person that first started.  I even went home with a new car (but that was part of the issues that needed to be worked on in order for the opportunity to come).  I know I will be back for more work, I just don't know when.  I just know that when I left I was never going back to being the same old that drove out here.  RG, Idaho___________

I was due to shoot a movie and was going to be in skimpy attire.  I did the Works III treatment and lost 24 1/2 inches and 1 pound initially, then was down 3 more pounds the next day.  The wardrobe fitters commented on how they noticed my body looked different, and a good friend who was the same body type as me looked at my results sheet and said, "I need to call and schedule an appointment for one of these too!"  I feel more confident and plan to do these treatments on a regular basis.  KE, Actress, North Hollywood, CA 12/08_____________

Cindy is just a wonderful intuitive who is blessed with the gifts of healing, spirit and inspiration.  I have been a client with Cindy for over 10 years and she has led me closer to my destination and my truth.  I have learned from her and have grown from this journey. Her intuitive and psychic abilities are absolutely stellar.  My time with Cindy is always well spent and I believe, thanks to Cindy's teachings,  that we ALL can manifest anything we put our intentions towards. By far Cindy is the best intuitive/healer I have had the pleasure to work with and  I would strongly encourage anyone who wishes to grow in spirit, health and awareness to work with Cindy as I have done during my life.  God Bless you, Cindy.  I so appreciate you.  You are my dear friend and sister in Spirit.  CB, Lawyer, Lobbyist, Washington, DC  08/08 _______________________

I came back in after years of staying away due to a stroke in May 2008, leaving me disabled and gained weight.  I needed a jump start to better health and release from depression.  When I first came in years ago the inch loss wrap results were the bare minimal.  Now, with the new and more effective solutions I lost almost 30 inches and 3 pounds which movtivated me to start a wellness plan.  I am so excited and so grateful for this place!  JM, Redondo Beach, CA 07/08 __________

I had scleraderma and parasites, the detox inch loss wrap purged my system and I am now parasite and scleraderma free  (by the way, Beach Bodyworks uses a unique formula not used at any other location that claims to do inch loss wraps.  I've tried them all, some even broke me out in a rash!)

  JK, Redondo Beach, CA 05/08_____________________________

Cindy, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how incredibly grateful that I was guided to you. It was the most incredible experience that I have ever had... to date!

I do not remember all that you were able to convey to me but I know that it will come to me when needed. I did want to tell you that we did not bring the curio cabinets home with us because of the "ropes" you saw around them. We decided to ask Donna's sister one more time if she was certain that she wanted to let them go. I then found out that her sister had originally purchased them for their Mom. Anyway, she is very sure that she does not want or need them so we will be back in town in a week or so to pick them up.

I have been rather sedentary since the weekend which is very odd for me but maybe it's because all the negative energy is gone and I am Chakra alignment. What do you think? I'm sure that I have been messed up for years and now "this is me" and I have to see what the real me does with her time (LOL).

I know that you see many people however; if you remember anything about my healing maybe you could just toss it out at me when you have a minute.

I will be calling you as soon as we know what day we will be back so that we can schedule Donna with you. Also, my friend in Albuquerque wants to come out and see you now. I may be bringing you even more clients as I spread the word!

Thank you again for such an enlightening experience!! Sherrel (out here in the desert perched up on a rock sunning) Palm Springs, CA 7/07_________________

I am a very successful businessman, very prominant in the financial arena, in fact if you walked into any branch of a very well known bank and mentioned my name, they would know who I was. I am now overseas, the president of one of the largest European financial institutions with 32,000 employees. I flew out to spend time with a good friend who told me she had arranged a "surprise" for me. The surprise turned out to be a healing session with Cindy at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa, and while I am well travelled and consider myself to be worldly, I must say that I have never experienced anything like this. This woman touched my soul, and made me experience things unimaginable, certainly not of this world, and I am so intrigued and convinced that she can make me into something more than I already am, that I will certainly make the trans Atlantic trip just to see her again, and hopefully regularly, otherwise I'll just have to fly her out to me, which would be more than worth it! MA, London, UK

My friend and I came in and did the Works III. I thought I would lose the bare minimum but I lost 28 1/2 inches (6 inches came off my butt alone) and 2 pounds. My friend lost 17 inches and 4 pounds. Why would we want to do any of the less effective treatments? I'm actually anxious to do the Shape Shift Fusion too. That will be my next treatment. VF, Long Beach, CA 3/07______________________________________

After about a month of committing to regular healing treatments here, my life changed dramatically. I started getting called to go on more auditions than I ever have before, and opportunities are just being blessed upon me. I thank my lucky stars for finding this place! LP, Actress, Hollywood, CA 2/07___________

I was going to be in LA visiting friends for thanksgiving and after reviewing the list of places that provided this treatment, I was drawn to Beach Bodyworks..The Healing Spa and decided to come here for the Works III. I got more than I bargained for! I found such a gem! A place like no other, especially here in LA, where its genuine and true, not hyped up and pushy. I made another good friend in Cindy, and told her that if she was ever in Australia, she was more than welcome to stay with me. That's the kind of place this is, genuine and true, and I will certainly return whenever I am back in town. Oh! and I also lost 24 inches with the Works III treatment! BN, Australia 11/06_________________________________

I am not one of those "ladies who lunch." That whole concept was a little too pretentious and over the top for me; therefore, I was not about to go to some frou frou establishment that presented themselves with a lot of bells and whistles. When I found Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa, I knew I had found the place for me. Down to earth, approachable, and effective! I had one of these inch loss wraps done, looked and felt absolutely fabulous after, and am going to make it a regular habit. CT, Radio Personality/Producer, Santa Monica, CA _______________________________

Multi Dimensional Healings helped me in so many ways! I have had the opportunity to get several within the last year. These amazing healings have helped me change my negative ways that I use to think & feel. Within a short time, I have lost weight, increased confidence and security, released emotional issues, and have had a significant age reversal. I am complimented often about how young I look. And asked what I have done to look younger. Before the multi dimensional healings I was often confused with a thirty year old when in fact I was only 19. These healings have made my soul, body, and mind younger and rejuvenated. CG, Torrance, CA 11/06____________________________________________

Hi Cindy,
so much has happened since our session my mood was extremely energetic two hours after leaving. The next day I was feeling down. My boyfriend and I had a little fight in which we are not speaking. that's fine with me cause I'm starting to see that he really doesn't appreciate me, and his birthday is tomorrow so I don't have to buy him anything. I was feeling like he was starting to use me. Some good to the situation is that I'm not pregnant even though I really wanted to have a child. He might not be a good candidate as a father. I took the new job offer, so far things are looking good other than my mild thoughts about my boyfriend every now and than. I enjoyed my session and are really looking forward to another. TJ, LA, CA 11/06____________________________________

Elixir Detox Treatments have enhanced my health as well as manifesting all those things I so desire. I have had the elixir treatments of abundance, protection, stress and anxiety, and transition. Within a short period of time, I was showered with abundance of job prospects, feel the shell of protection from negative people,
reduced my stress significantly,and helped me transition into a new and better life.

I look back a few months ago and do not recognize myself. I have changed and evolved
for the better. And I am thrilled with my progress! Cindy's amazing services have allowed me to surpass my expectations to the impossible. Everything is possible when you truly believe! CG, Torrance, CA 11/06

Hi Cindy!

It was so wonderful meeting with you on Saturday. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Today, at lunch, I'm going to head over to the jewerly mart (downtown LA) to look in to some ideas I have. And I asked a seamtress friend of mine if she'd be interested in making linings for my purses and she said 'yes.'

BUT I wanted to tell you what happened right after I left on Saturday. I drove down to the beach as you suggested. Remember you kept seeing the face of a man with dark features, goatee and tall? As soon as I got out of my car, at the beach, (less than 10 after I left you) my phone rang. It was a man that I gave my number to a few days prior but never heard from, so I forgot about him. He started off the coversation talking about spirituality, he was pretty deep...which you said the man in your vision was. Also, he's 6'4". When I got home, I logged onto my computer to see his picture...he seemed to look EXACTLY like the man you described. Also, he's 6'4". I've attached his picture.

We ended our conversation with him saying he'll "call me tomorrow." Well tomorrow hasn't come yet, I haven't heard from him again. But I'm not worried about it (like I used to) because I'm a Goddess!

Thank you for everything!
Tamara 10/06


After leaving my previous employer, I felt drained and exhausted from the bad energy around me. I submitted an average of 20 resume per day via internet and had NO responses what so ever. I was beginning to fall in a cloud of depression because I wasn't able to find a job. After Cindy's healings, detoxs and manifestations, I went from having no job prospects to having 7 in two days time. I was even contacted from recruiters of positions that I had not even applied for. After two weeks of interviews I accepted an offer from a company that found me online. I have never been happier. And it is all thanks to the power of manifestations and Cindy's amazing healings. CG, Torrance, CA 10/29/06___________________

I had been consulting with Cindy for several years, and this one took the cake. A friend of mine wondered if she was pregnant after having missed 2 periods but was afraid to go to the doctor. I called Cindy and without hesitation, she said that my friend was indeed pregnant and that she was unsure about keeping it. A few hours later my friend had gone to the doctor and was indeed pregnant. She was in freak out mode but then her boyfriend of 5 years was supportive of keeping the child and they are now awaiting the birth. Cindy says that it was the amazing connection the she and I share, along with her amazing connection with those Spirit Guides and Angels that she was able to access this info. AJ, MB, CA ______________________________

I found Cindy and her spa while visiting friends after being a hurricane Katrina refugee. These wraps are THE BEST. I loved the results, but mostly, the experience of being in a healing haven. I don't know how to explain it, and i have tried several wraps back in Louisiana, and have not found any that come close to this one. But again, it may just be the way Beach Bodyworks' magic that keeps drawing me back. I call Cindy from Louisiana every now and then, to keep in touch, and let her know that I appreciate her and the amazing services she provides. I can't wait to return for another treatment! TL, New Orleans, Louisiana______________________

I had been entertaining clients and was up 7 pounds. I came in on Friday for the FUSION treatment, and had lost 1 1/2 pounds that day, and by dinner time on Sunday I had lost 6 pounds. I love it!!! I'm hooked! JS, Manhattan Beach, CA__________________________

I remmembered seeing an article in a magazine 2 years ago about Cindy and the wonderful healing treatments that she provides. I had never had an esoteric energy healing before and was suffering from a lot of depression and unexpressed anger. In fact a lot of issues were plaguing me so I called the magazine and they gave me the information. I couldn't believe that in just 1 hour I felt sooooo much better. She saw inside my head, she helped release the problems. I was lightheaded after, she said it was because things were moving out of me, through me. I can't really explain what happened, all I know is, I am in a much better place than I was when I first walked in. Yuko, makeup artist, LA, CA __________________________

Touched my soul. Never would I have imagined the sensation of intensity as energy moved through my body. I never thought it was possible, I never knew this could be. This healer brought out my essence, she touched my soul, and my life will never be the same. SK, Los Angeles, CA________________

MY NEW ADDICTION...After my first reading with Cindy my new guy called and said a lot of the same things that Cindy said almost verbatim! So now I'm hooked. Since my first consult, I have been able to view this new relationship objectively, and able to seperate myself from my friend's biased opinions. Cindy says, "they offer advice based on their own experiences. There's no way they can be objective. And if one of your girlfriends is particularly unhappy, she may be sabotaging you to keep you from obtaining happiness yourself. Don't get sucked into the misery." I get that, that's why I call Cindy. Every time I talk with her I calm down, and something wonderful happens with my new guy. I'm so glad to have found her, she better than therapy! JP, Redondo Beach, CA____________________

I was going to be in town visiting relatives and thought I wanted to book a nice relaxing spa treatment at a day spa. Then I found Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa and changed my mind completely. When I read through the website (I love that it is so informative), I just had to call and schedule an appointment. When I arrived, I felt so comfortable and could really relax and be myself. Talking with Cindy was like hanging out with a good friend. She's so approachable and so knowledgeable. I told her that I had made a special trip to Manhattan NY once at a frou frou fluffy day spa and hated it. I noticed that the women that went there were so plastic and fake, I couldn't stand it! I already plan to schedule my next appointment and trip arrangements to have this experience real soon! AB, N. Carolina ____________________________

I would rather have holistic therapy than clinical therapy basically because I don't want to be classified as a "text book" case or defined by any case study. What's nice about coming here for clarification is that I am in control and the information acquired doesn't come from any text book. I am not judged like I would be in a clinical situation nor would I be tuned out by a therapist who is so immune and stoic because of the droves of cases that come through the door. Ever notice how therapists are pretty negative and control freaks? No, I don't think I'll be visiting any clinical office any time soon. I'm quite content and happy right here. AP, Redondo Beach, CA___________ (Our healing methods are not meant to replace traditional therapy or medical attention. )

I am a television/film personality and can be seen everywhere. Ahhh, the perils and tribulations of being a celebrity, to be seen and recognized everywhere. I buy anything that I want, travel to exotic destinations, the world is my playground, yet oddly, I am feeling quite alone, vulnerable and exposed.

Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa, a private oasis where I can be myself, without having to please my public, is so refreshing. I can understand why Cindy keeps it so understated and unpretentious, because then one is forced to be themselves. She isn't "star struck" because she sees a side of people that most people don't, their vulnerabilities. She sees overly obnoxious and rude, condescending people as frail, frightened souls. She has taught me so much and when I venture back into the concrete jungle, I see what she sees. This is how I am able to deal with the madness.

Thank you Cindy, your treatments and methods, but most of all, your soul are truly remarkable.


MORE THAN I COULD EVER DREAM OF experiencing in just one healing session! I was actively seeking alternatives to my dependancy to anti-depressants when I was led to find Cindy and her wonderful healing haven. I had been struggling with my parents' beliefs of what I should be doing with my life and what I was really passionate about. I confronted my father and the reaction made me crazy. I started to see a therapist and he medicated me. While I'm sure it helps, I didn't want to mask the true cause of my depression.

One session with Cindy was worth 20 therapy sessions! I had so much understanding, deep down to the core, and felt it shift in the DNA level, where those core issues developed. Cindy laughed and said that over the years many clinical therapists have come to her to heal their own issues so that they can help others.

I'm relatively young; at 23 I am finishing up my degree in film and want to pursue a career as a director. I was afraid of what Hollywood and "the industry" was going to turn me into; losing my grounding and becomming a statistic. Cindy assured me that as long as I continued to heal and balance, I would remain true to myself.

What a gift! What a wonderful gift of her knowledge and special abilities to help others...rarely do you meet a true healer, as she is.

NH, Los Angeles, CA _____________________________

Cindy has changed my life! I had a partial mastectomy and used the prosthetics to make up for the departed breast tissue. Cindy suggested the orthopedic bra and I was amazed at how it changed my body. I didn't need the prosthesis! She also said that the longer I wore it, the breast tissue would regenerate. I also have scoliosis and after the bra fitting, I was about an inch taller. So grateful! JT, Artist, Torrance, CA____________________

I remember it well. I came in in January 2002 for a detox treatment and also got a reading before I left. I asked Cindy if I was going to buy a house any time soon in the area (Southbay). She said that I wouldn't be buying a house for at least 3 years. I came in yesterday (10/5/05) for a wrap and as I always do I got a reading. Prior to starting, I reminded Cindy of the very first reading that I had gotten 3 years prior and that my man and I just bought a house in Rancho Palos Verdes with escrow closing in November. Its amazing and I am convinced! Cindy has extraordinary gifts and I am so lucky to have found her! EF, El Segundo, CA_____________________

I do not know what I would do without Cindy and the magical place she created. I always consult with her prior to making decisions and she's always right! She's helped me grow sooooo much that I am an entirely different person than the one that walked in 3 years ago. She's an angel sent from heaven!!! I'd travel to the ends of the earth to consult and be treated by Cindy and the wonderful treatments she offers at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa. CTJ, West Los Angeles, CA______________

I lost 5 pounds a week after doing THE WORKS treatment-without even trying!!! RT, Glendale, CA_________________

I lost 26 inches in 1 THE WORKS body treatment! I couldn't believe it when my jeans felt loose when I left! AC, PVE, CA________________________

As men typically carry their extra weight in the gut, I had a huge gut. I started doing the SHAPE-SHIFT FUSION Treatment and really saw results when my gut became flatter and I developed more of a classive "V" shape in my torso. I also felt like I had run a marathon after the treatment and really saw results 3 days after. MP, Producer/Director, WLA, CA_______________________

I came in to have another reading done because everything that was said in the first reading that I got 6 months prior came to pass. Time line and everything! I also felt so much better just by being in the space. I guess that's why they call it the HEALING SPA. JP, Torrance, CA_______________

I have irregular periods so Cindy suggested that I do the Elixir detox for PMS. Sure enough, I got my period that night after missing it for 3 months.

I swear I'm hooked! The first time I came in I had a reading and Cindy told me to be aware of a document with figures on and that I wouldn't be happy when I found it. 5 months later I came across a document at work outlining my commissions and found that someone was embezzling $50,000 of my commissions! Needless to say, I WAS NOT happy about it, just as Cindy had predicted and because I was aware of it, I paid attention to it.

Just recently, my aunt who is on the east coast fell and broke her hip. Cindy told me that a woman who was not my mother was going to have a fall because her legs would give out from under her. She told me this 6 months prior.

Then, Cindy felt like a voyeur because she saw some steamy X-rated stuff going on with me and sure enough, I had some wild, passionate, unbridled sex on/under/in everything except for the bed and all I could think of during this escapade was Cindy saying, "Don't knock over the candles or you'll set your place on fire." Love her and I sure can't live without her! JS, MB_________________

I needed a specific amount of money to do several healing treatments and spa treatments. 3 weeks after doing an abundance and prosperity elixir detox treatment the money came. The EXACT amount! I called Cindy to tell her the good news and scheduled the treatments that I wanted to do. BC, Los Angeles, CA________________________

I tried the Elixir Holistic Detox treatment done for Abundance and Infinite Prosperity because I was in financial turmoil. Its been about 2 weeks since the treatment and I have to say that things are changing and shifting drastically in my life for the better. I am seeing the opportunites as they present themselves and can't wait until my financial situation is really up to par so that I can give myself a complete overhaul at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa. CTG, Torrance, CA_______________

The lymphatic drainage boot therapy treatment rocks! I have a pear shaped body, holding weight in the hips and thighs. I had one of these done and I had to pee like crazy after the session. Cindy said that it was the body releasing the toxins. I couldn't believe it happened so soon! I laid back while this worked and had a high intensity face treatment done at the same time. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! SJ, Manhattan Beach, CA___________

I ran the LA marathon and came in the day after to have the lymphatic drainage boot therapy treatment done. OMG! Awesome! It felt so good I felt like I could run another marathon! BO, Westwood, CA__________

I have known Cindy for several years and she is one of the most powerful manifesters that I have ever known. I have seen her manifest something out of nothing and create some of the most effective and fabulous treatments around. I have seen her help so many people heal themselves, I have so much to learn from her. While very spiritual, she is interestingly NOT "earthy." She is NOT a tree hugger nor does she wear "Jesus sandals." She is NOT a hippie chick, NOT "airy fairy", and certainly NOT the typical metaphysical person, but rather fiery and present, intimidating even the most "type A" personalities (lawyers, doctors, executives, and one particularly ominous action/adventure actor). She is someone that is so in touch, so optimistic, and so passionate about what she does that it inspires me greatly. MH, Shaman, Native American Medicine Woman, SD, CA & New Mexico____________________

Throughout the website, there are several testimonies that I have written. I wrote them to document the changes that have occurred over the years of coming here.

I came from a very dysfunctional upbringing and sadly, I in turn developed a dysfunctional family where my young children are suffering from my lack of confidence and screwed up beliefs.

I have FINALLY taken charge to leave my marriage and take charge of my happiness and destiny. I couldn't have done it without the growth and empowerment that I have acquired through the treatments and support that Cindy has given me. She helped me see the reality instead of my warped sense of reality that we sometimes do through denial.

It wasn't only myself that I was responsible for, I had 2 young children that were learning about verbal and emotional abuse through my crumbling relationship with my overbearing, stubborn husband. I regulary bring the girls infor healing in hopes to reverse the damage or at least control it. I really believe that its helping. Better to do it now than wait until they themselves are in the same situation as these things tend to repeat themselves until the cycle is broken and the lesson is learned.

Just talking to Cindy gives makes me empowered and optimistic. She is a significant part of my transformation because it wasn't until I met her that I knew what empowerment was.

I am eternally grateful and thankful that a higher force led me to her. I now have a chance at a wonderful, fulfilling, and healthy life for myself and my girls. JG, Redondo Beach________________

The future of my having a wonderful marriage and the possibility of raising healthy children depended on my healing my issues and getting my body into a healthy state. It made so much sense, to do it naturally, with the methods that are offered here, as I, too, had spent years medicated and talking about the problems did not produce any results. I am committed to myself and to my future. HD, WLA, CA_______________

My boyfriend came in first, because he had some heavy issues and if we were to make it as a couple, we had to get past the garbage. He highly recommended Cindy and I have to admit, I was a little jealous, because I spent so much time becomming a psychotherapist but I could see that the textbook knowledge that I have was going to be in conflict with my healing my own issues and helping others heal theirs. Cindy is so knowledgeable, and so gifted naturally, that I wish I could be the way she is. But we all aren't on the same path, and I am grateful that I am able to get over my issues so that I can move forward in my relationship. ME, Psychotherapist, PV, CA________________

I had spent years in psychotherapy and while it was nice to talk about the issues, I wasn't too happy about being constantly medicated. I tried the Esoteric Energy Healing and found myself a different person in just a short amount of time. I continue to come in, about once a week and I always look forward to the sessions as I learn more about myself and tap into and utilize my full potential. SF, Marina Del Rey, CA. ____________ (Our sessions are not meant to replace traditional therapies, but are interactive tools to enhance any applications).

I tried the FUSION treatment once and noticed that my endurance increased when I worked out. I am certainly going to make this a regular habit. KK, MDR, CA______________

My whole family fell under the influence of a gypsy fortune teller witch doctor. In our naivete, these evil people used our fears against us and revelled in our misery. Then we were led to Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa and completely transformed our lives using the pure light that Cindy uses to help people heal themselves. It was comforting when we understood that "what goes around comes around" and that these evil people would certainly pay for the manipulative dark energy they use on unsuspecting people. Thank you, Cindy. Our family will continue to educate others about the evil ways of gypsy fortune tellers. GT, Los Angeles, CA_________

I was frustrated and at the breaking point. While I was successful at my own business, my life outside of it was close to a shambles. My life changed drastically when we started to have children. All of a sudden, I was the odd man out when my wife's attention and priority became soley on the kids. I am a proud father, mind you, but I am also human, one who needs attention and prioritizing. I came to Cindy for direction and she opened up parts of me that lay dormant for a long time. I felt alive again and she even helped me open up the lines of communication to my wife so that we can have that connection again. Thank you, Cindy, for helping me put my life back in order. This has been a significant turning point in all aspects of my life. MW, Manhattan Beach, CA_________

This place is like the tv show "The Swan" all rolled into one. Its not really the treatments that make coming here so special, its the magic that Cindy, a gifted natural healer, integrates into each session. I haven't found another place quite like this one and I don't think I ever will. PG, Hollywood, CA ___________________

I am a working model and former Playboy centerfold. In my world, I deal with a lot of pretentious people. It was nice to come to Beach Bodyworks to experience a private, one on one session without a lot of hype. Cindy said that she fashioned her spa after her own experience in the entertainment industry and wanted to create a safe haven for her clients while offering quality services. I have referred all of my friends and colleagues to Beach Bodyworks. They are so glad that I found it! NS,WLA _____________

I went to another place that offered inch loss body wraps and while I was there I observed the clientelle. Right away I was uncomfortable and felt as though I didn't fit in. I called Beach Bodyworks and spoke with Cindy. Right away I felt comfortable and felt no pressure. I appreciated that she took the time to explain the treatments to me and did not seem to be distracted or in a rush. I could tell that this place offered first class service and I liked that. Thanks to that "other place" where I felt uncomfortable, I would never have found Beach Bodyworks. RC, Long Beach, CA ______________

I love it that we were the only ones in the place during our session. It made us feel so comfortable, it was like being with family. We travelled 2 hours to get here, wanted more than the regular massage and facial. We got excellent treatment and awesome results with the Eurotherma treatments and anti-aging face treatment. It was definitely worth the drive! CJ & AM, La Jolla, CA ___________

I was quite impressed by the level of expertise that I experienced here at Beach Bodyworks. I have been to many places where they herded the clients in like cattle, and I must say that my experience here was like no other. There is certainly magic in this place. MG, Redondo Beach, CA __________

My prayers were answered when I found Beach Bodyworks and Cindy. After 1 healing I was convinced and I took out a loan to complete my transformation. An invaluable investment! NP, LA, CA_____________________

I was raped and closed myself off to intimacy completely. Then I found Cindy. I started with Esoteric Energy healings and then had a Shakti/Shiva Healing. I must say that I am feeling things that lay dormant for a long-time! I am able to enjoy myself and enjoy intimacy with my partner - something that I didn't think would happen. Thank you, Cindy! You've changed my life forever! RA, Torrance, CA_______________

I am an actress in the adult film industry (yes, a real life porn star) and was taken aback at how accepted I was here. Usually, when I tell people about my profession I get judged as a whore, slut, lower than dirt, and was prepared to be confronted with that when I came here. Instead, I had the best time, as Cindy treated me with respect and as she put it "fascination" about my chosen career that I actually felt I could be myself. It amazes me that in such a modern day and age, many people are still prudish and close-minded. I loved my treatments and will continue to make it a regular guilty pleasure! JJ, Studio City, CA __________________

I had just about enough of the pettiness that a lot of establishments that I had already experienced, with their gossip and cattiness. My prayers were answered when I found Beach Bodyworks. Granted, this is no ordinary establishment, and I was looking for something more than the usual massage or spa treatment that exists at any old day spa. I knew I had found the place for me, when I started to see life through different eyes. The blinders that I once had were now gone and I am no longer the same person that I was. Thanks to Cindy and her compassion, empathy and understanding, not only is my miserable life a memory, my new one is certainly priceless! PL, Malibu, CA ________________

I met Cindy while she was vacationing in Miami. I had just had a breast augmentation done the day before I met her and was in a tremendous amount of pain. I couldn't raise my arms up over my head and shook uncontrollably. Cindy did an Esoteric Energy healing and worked on me for 45 minutes. During that time, the trembling stopped. Cindy didn't realize that her arms were trembling. She said that was normal. As a healer, she absorbs the client's ailment before releasing it. After that, I was able to raise my arms above my head. I also felt a tingling in my ankles . She told me that was an energy center that had opened up during the healing. My recovery time was cut in half because of it! RN, Miami, FL __________

I travelled across the country for an intensive 5 Shakti/Shiva healing sessions in 2 days. I had been suffering from a lot of guilt from actions that I was not particularly proud of and wanted to get past my spiraling downward direction. Cindy's healing abilities have changed my life immensely. In fact, a year later, I repeated the intensive healing again to reinforce what had already taken place. She is compassionate and completely present in her sessions, offering easy to apply methods in everyday existance. I highly recommend her if you are serious about changing your life. Brett T., South Carolina ____________

Its like magic. I don't know how to explain it, but in a relatively short period of time, I am a completely different person! I had been in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship and had closed myself off completely to intimacy and any kind of relationship throwing myself into my career. I came in for vanity purposes, and realized that I had stumbled across a gold mine. I come in for healings once, sometimes twice a week. I try to schedule my appointments far in advance as Cindy's schedule fills up quite rapidly. I am so grateful for the opportunity to feel again. When I am able, I plan to come in every day for healings and fat burner treatments. I love it here! DK, RPV, CA _______________

I don't know how I found Beach Bodyworks as I was not looking for any of the treatments offerred here but for some reason I was brought to come across the website. I was halfway around the world, in Brussels, Belguim and was inspired to call to find out more. I spoke with Cindy and realized that I needed to come in for treatments! Incidentally, I was planning a trip to Newport Beach in less than a week so I booked 6 treatments. I was going through so much stress and needed the nurturing and healing that this place provided. An investment well made! CM, Brussells, Belguim _____________________

I had one ULTRA wrap Plus and in 1 week, I lost 7 pounds! I was also blind as a bat without my glasses, and walked into walls while I was in for the wrap. I realized that my vision had improved and I could see things I couldn't the week before. I was like a kid who just learned how to read...I read everything!!! I also slept better and feel so much better after the wrap. I'm convinced. The treatments work and I saw results FAST! LQ, Torrance, CA

I was visiting Los Angeles on sabbatical from London, England and happened upon the lovely London Towne shops on my walk back from the beach. Something drew me to Beach Bodyworks...I'm not quite sure what, but I truly feel I was guided to see Cindy at Beach Bodyworks. My travelling companion and I scheduled Angel readings with Cindy and although she did not have any appointments available, she made the exception and stayed later than she normally would have. What she told me was astounding, as I have never met her nor talked with her previously. Cindy said that I would meet my life partner in Greece. We came to Los Angeles in May; I had a trip scheduled to Greece in August. Needless to say, she was right! I have met a wonderful man and am contemplating relocating to Greece. There are a million readers in this town, I have definitely found one that was genuine! She is the real deal! Judy Wong, journalist, London, England _____________

I surfed in Santa Monica Bay after a rainstorm - BIG MISTAKE! I fell deathly ill and my body broke out in huge, oozing pustules. I came in to detox and I recovered quickly. I highly recommend the wrap, and I highly recommend staying out of the water after a rainstorm!!!! Darren C. New Zealand _______________

I am a producer in Hollywood living partly in LA and Hawaii. I consult with Cindy on numerous projects and investments. Her insight is right on the ball, and I trust her advice to a "T". What a wonderful gift that she has, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to partake of them. MW, Producer, LA, CA & Hawaii _______________

Initially, I came in for a body wrap. It was spur of the moment and I was lucky that there was a time slot available. While I liked the wrap, it was as I spoke with Cindy that there was no mistake that I was led to her. I asked her of the other services that she offered and she told me about the healing treatments. She didn't "sell" her services (she said, "I of all people hate being sold to") but she informed me, and I made up my own mind. I have to say, they were incredible! I can truly say that they helped me open up areas of my life that were stuck. I try to come in for a session on a regular basis. Each one is unique, exhilirating and worth every penny! She is a God-send. Her wisdom and knowledge are truly provoking and profound. ST,MDR,CA ____________

I came in with a really bad kidney infection. It was so bad that I was pale as a ghost, had a high fever, and was in so much pain that I could barely move! I was going to cancel, but my 11 year old son (who had gotten a wrap to boost his self confidence to try out for the football team) remembered that Cindy had said that the wrap pulled out toxins, so I kept my appointment. Cindy wrapped me and becasue I was in so much pain, I leaned against the machine instead of getting onto it. The bags on my hands and feet ( placed there to collect the toxins and metabolized waste) filled up, my fever broke, and I was able to go to work the next day. My co-workers were amazed and thought that my quick recovery was due to the anti-biotics the doctors had given me. I told them, "the doctor said that these would take effect in 2 days". I didn't even pick up the prescription. I came in and got a body wrap instead and it kicked it out of my system super fast! AB, Redondo Beach, CA ___________

I have a boyish, athletic build. I have never had a trim waistline and could not wear crop tops. 3 months after my daughter was born, I came in for a wrap. 9 wraps later, I had a visible waistline and was 20 lbs. lighter than I was before I got pregnant. I have since moved away, but will definitely come back for more wraps whenenver I return to visit. MA, New Zealand ____________

WHO NEEDS LIPOSUCTION?! Not me, that's for sure! I had considered having liposuction but hesitated so I decided to try the ULTRA wrap. It had been about 2 years since my last wrap and it appeared that I needed more healings to clear up some issues before I pursued the body wraps. I was at the point where I was ready to get wrapped again and I have to say that I love the results! I wore in a pair of my tight jeans and after the wrap, they were loose! I am now committed to getting at least 1 wrap a month. Thank you, Cindy! RR, PDR, CA _____________

I had one face lift wrap and looked like I had taken 5 years off my life! It made me feel so much better about myself. SD, Lagiuna Niguel, CA _____________

Being a mom of 2 young children (a 5 month old and a 2 year old), I don't have a lot of time, am constantly tired and have a lot of stress. 10 months after the birth of my first child, I had gotten a series of 10 body wraps and lost 2 sizes in 6 weeks. Soon after, I became pregnant with my second child and got wrapped throughout my pregnancy to detox. I got wraps all the way up to my 8 1/2 moth. I found that it helped with the nausea and cravings. My baby was born so healthy and I have to contribute that it partly had to do with the wraps.

Recently, my two year old was sick with a fever of 102 degrees. I brought her in for a wrap to detox, recalling the stories that Cindy had told me about the people who had recovered quickly. She managed to keep the wrap on her for about 35-40 minutes. My daughter's fever broke and was running around like a normal 2 year old. This wrap is amazing!

I didn't think that she (my daughter) thought that much of the wrap, but occasionally I 've found her wrapping her stuffed animals in rolls of adding machine tape saying, "I fix your boo-boo."

I never gave much thought to the mind, body, spirit connection, but changed my mind when a couple of Cindy's clients had come in for Esoteric Energy healings absolutely raved about it and Cindy's abilities. Although I was fascinated at first, I was reluctant and resistant to a session, thinking that I didn't want Cindy to know what my issues were. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to try it, recalling how these women glowed and seemed to have been reborn. I wanted that rejuvenation!

I have to say that after a couple of sessions, I am a different person. I am more vibrant, adventurous, aggressive in pursuing things that I want in my life. I have healed a lot of issues and continue to as I am now more empowered than I have ever been in my life!

I continue to learn more about myself and find it a joy. Cindy says that life is to be embraced, that seemingly negative situations are actually blessings in disguise, as they help us in future situations. I am seeing that now.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to change my life. Cindy's vision in creating Beach Bodyworks to be a total Wellness Center is such a great thing. She focuses on the inner beauty as well as the outer and says that without one, the other cannot exist. JG, Redondo Beach _______________

My entire family comes here! We are so grateful for finding Beach Bodyworks and Cindy. We have had almost every treatment and have to say, our lives have changed tremendously! From body wraps, to readings, to manifesting miracles, to healings, the transformation is astounding! We were wallowing in a mediocre existence and Cindy has taught us how to live richer, fuller lives. The lives we were accustomed to now is now a faint memeory. The life that we are living now and the future are so exciting and fulfilling! Thank you Cindy! BF, LA, CA ____________

I had a bad flu. I tried the fat burning body treatment and immediately lost 3.2% body fat in the first session alone! I felt so good after that and now I'm hooked! I come in once a week for and will probably do so for the rest of my life because it feels so good! It is now one my favorite treatments next to the Esoteric healing and the readings. SJ, Stockbroker, MB, CA ________________

After 6 face lift treatments a coworker asked if I had a face lift. I feel so blessed to have found Beach Bodyworks and look forward to each session. BH, Long Beach, CA_________

After losing 50 lbs., my shape was out of proportion. I was a size 24 when I came in. 5 months later, after coming in once a week for wraps I am a size 10. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. Now, I am training to run my first marathon. The wraps helped me achieve this, but when I incorporated healing session, my progress accelerated as I lost emotional weight. I am now incorporating the fat burning body treatment to raise my metabolism and achieve my body sculpting goals. BPG, Lawyer, Redondo Beach, CA ______________

I lost 2 dress sizes in 2 wraps in 2 weeks. I have a very stressful life. As a VP, I am in charge of designing a chain of contemporary hotels nationwide. I fell in love with Cindy's quaint place and am learning so much from her sense of style and creativity as it is much different from my own tailored taste. She is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to my sessions with her. TF, MB, CA_______________

I am a corporate lawyer for a large company and while I thought I knew everything there is to know about the corporate world, there was certainly a void that needed to be filled. I was referred to Cindy 3 years ago and in that amount of time, my life has changed tremendously! I no longer chase the American dream, but rather, the Universal dream. I have stepped out of narrow minded thinking and have elevated my consciousness to a spiritually higher level. In such an uncertain world, I now have faith beyond belief! I owe it all to Cindy and her help in enlightening me through her readings and her wisdom. CB, Washington, DC _____________

I have researched many day spas and was really turned off by their impersonal approach. When I spoke with Cindy and learned of her philosophy, I knew I found the place for me. I gladly drive to Redondo Beach for my wrap sessions. HP, Covina, CA ______________

No amount of money could be enough for the work that Cindy has given us. We are so much happier, we feel much healthier, we look so much better, and we owe it all to Cindy and the treatments here at Beach Bodyworks. DH, Business Owner, Malibu, CA

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