Shakti Shiva Transformation Treatment

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This session addresses issues on an intimate level in all areas of the being (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual).  Helps to heal sexual trauma (rape, abuse, less than desirable sexual experiences) as well as acquiring tools to enhance your intimate repertoire.

 By awakening dormant, hidden potential and creative resources inherent in all of us, uncover and discover true essence that can be channeled and used in many areas of your life!

Ladies, awaken to your inner Goddess.  Men, embrace your dualities of male/female integration.  Learn how to communicate beyond words, learn how to enhance your relationship with yourself and others.

This session is intense, and will only be executed to those who are ready for major changes and are at a maturity level to truly appreciate and can benefit from its healing benefits.  Prospective individuals will be interviewed thoroughly.

If you are ready to tap into your true potential, then this session is right for you.