Sacred Seven

Chakra Balancing

& Clearing

The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.    Chakras are energy centers in our bodies and most authorities associate our endocrine glands with our chakras.

A healthy mind and body is a manifestation that the chakras are in balance.    The chakra system is the balance mechanism for the psychological and emotional aspects.    The chakra system functions as a unit: the flow of energies must be balanced.

When the chakras are not functioning properly, we may develop physical ailments to force us to address the emotional or psychological issues.    These issues must come to the surface to be healed and released.

In a chakra healing and balancing session, each chakra is    is looked at and the issues are assessed giving vital insight to what may be inhibiting the flow of energy and help them to heal so one may function as a whole being once again.

Regular chakra balancing and clearing are suggested to maintain optimum health, vitality, and functioning of the chakras.    Depending on the issues of the moment, the
duration of a session may vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer.    The sessions may be done in person or long distance, during a phone session.

Want something more intensive, then consider an esoteric healing session or multidimensional healing.