Pre/Post Op Treatments


Pre / Post Operative Treatments
Results vary and are not guaranteed.

ESOTERIC ENERGY HEALINGis a must for both pre-operative and post operation.    This treatment prepares the body / mind /spirit for the trauma and invasiveness of the procedures and may dramatically reduce healing time.    It may reduce/eliminate fear and pain associated with the procedures.

MOBILIZATION Therapy is ideal post liposuction to soften scar tissue, reduce swelling, and even out skin tone.

will detox the body, reduce bloating, and accelerate healing.    Especially helpful post liposuction as the compression will aid in body sculpting.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE "BOOT" & MOBILIZATION THERAPY TREATMENTis a must for fluid retention associated with post surgery as it helps to drain the lymphatic system in a pleasant massage-like manner.    Specialized agents can be added for increased benefit.

CAVI-LIPO Treatment may help with breaking up fat cells, tightens skin, treat and/or prevent seroma, detoxes the body and alleviates fluid retention.  Combine with the mobilization lymphatic treatment for optimal results.

PAMPER the GIRLS Breast Treatmentnourishes delicate breast tissue with all natural products.  May help with skin tightening and overall breast appearance*.  *Results vary and are not guaranteed. Full body detox and face treatment included.

SHAPE SHIFT FUSION is excellent for detoxification and body sculpting.