Non-Surgical Face Lift

Anti-Aging Face Treatments

AESTHETIC GOALS:    When closely observed, the face will show many small imperfections and some that are quite noticeable.    Even the slightest change in them will produce startling effects.

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Non-Surgical Face Lift

4 Levels available

As seen in Audrey Magazine, Lighthouse Magazine

Using the body's natural powers, not life-threatening surgery, this treatment can achieve miracles!    Most appear at least 5 years younger* after 1 treatment.

A happy client has this to say:

"After 6 face lift treatments, a co-worker asked if I had a face lift."    RL,    Manhattan Beach, CA

High speed resonance vaporize impurities in the pores and resurfaces the skin.    Enhancing collagen production, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, all without the slow detoxification process of traditional facials.    If you are prone to breakouts (especially after a traditional facial), this is the ideal treatment!    Add on to the face lift for even better results!

This treatment works on the cellular level and works in complete harmony with the natural energy system of the human body.    This exciting technology reaches    well below the skin to reach the epidermis, the dermis and the muscles.    It delays premature aging and restores healthy, youthful glow.    Stimulation of the blood and lymph systems, skin oxygenation, increased cellular turnover, restoring initial tonus to the muscles and stimulates the fibroplasts (collagen producers).

Benefits include:
-stimulation of the skin's natural collagen and elastin production.
-firms and tones sagging facial muscles.
-promote improved cellular metabolism.
-minimize wrinkles.
-exfoliation and resurfacing without the risk of skin preforation (which is common with traditional microdermabrasion).

A happy guest has this to say:

"This treatment felt SOOOOOOOOOOO good!    I noticed contouring in my face and it felt smooth!    It was like getting a facial, microdermabrasion and a facial massage all in one session!"       DM,    Torrance, CA