This healing is the ULTIMATE of all healing treatments offered at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.    Integrating a multitude of healing modalities, this treatment works with one's own genetic makeup to clear    and reprogram blocks and issues.    Helps one connect with one's inner magician to create all that one desires in a karmically correct manner (meaning:    without negative repercussions). Sessions are unique to the individual.

This session is not for the timid-be careful what you wish for!    You will set the wheels in motion and you may actually get it!

Reported results after a treatment:

- Thicker hair growth.

-Weight loss.

-Age reversal.

-Increased mental capacity.

-Renewed sense of confidence and security.

-Fulfilling relationships, trust and discernment.

-Releasing emotional toxins that cause dis-ease.

Please read our success stories.

Multi Dimensional Healings helped me in so many ways! I have had the opportunity to get several within the last year. These amazing healings have  helped me change my negative ways that I use to think & feel. Within a short time, I have lost weight, increased confidence and security, released emotional issues, and have had a significant age reversal. I am complimented often about how young I look. And asked what I have done to look younger. Before the multi dimensional healings I was often confused with a thirty year old when in fact I was only 19. These healings have made my soul, body, and mind younger and rejuvenated. CG, Torrance, CA 11/06____________________________________________

I had been coming in for Esoteric Energy Healings for 6 months and thought the results were fabulous.       Then Itried on of these and felt as if I had had 3 of the Esoteric Energy Healings in 1 session!       Pretty awesome!       TA, Hermosa Beach, CA __________________

I was studying intensely for my Masters and normally, under all the stress, my hair would fall out by the handful.       I started doing these treatments, Level 4 to be exact, and for the first time in all my college years, my hair didn't fall out!       I also noticed that when I did a level 4 before each exam was taken, the my scores went up.       Amazing!      

KF,   Santa Monica, CA

Multi-Dimensional Healing