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​Pageant Secret Weapon!!!

I decided to run in the Miss San Gabriel Valley Pageant so my mom looked up treatments to tighten up my body and found Cindy at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.  Cindy customized a treatment plan for me and I had great results! My butt was lifted so I looked great for the swimsuit competition.  My body was tightened and detoxed so I looked great in my evening gown and my confidence was on point!   We also bought a bunch of her handcrafted healing products and body products. LOVE!!!   II didn't expect to win, but I did!  I'm up to compete for Miss California so I'll be back to get more treatments.  I think I want to try a healing treatment too as there are many life changes that I am facing.  BC, Redondo Beach, CA 05/16____________________

Fitness Competition
My Secret Weapon

3 years ago I gained 100 pounds during pregnancy. 6 months after I gave birth I had lost 75 pounds and entered my first fitness/swimsuit contest.  I was about to enter my second fitness/swimsuit contest and wanted to be tighter and on my A game so I called Cindy and got the Works 4 inch loss/detox treatment.  The day of the treatment I lost 2 pounds, was 8 pounds down the next day and 4 days later, on competition day, was down 15 pounds.  I am personal trainer and am sending my clients to see Cindy.  I am a total advocate of the treatments here at Beach Bodyworks, the Healing Spa.  
SR, Redondo Beach, CA 11/13_________________

I Lost 2 Pant Sizes & Gained Youth & Better Health
We're Making THIS Part of Our Health & Wellness Regime

I came in and got the Works 4 wrap after my wife found this place.  I even came in before she did because I was so curious about what they could do for me.  I lost inches and felt amazing after.  

A month later, we came in to do the COMPLETE OVERHAUL package.  I came in wearing  a suit that I had purchased 2 months ago and the suit was too big!  Since doing the Works 4 wrap I lost 2 pant sizes and need to get my clothes taken in!  We even took photos to post here!  Since doing the Shape Shift Fusion level 4, where Cindy applied the fat burners felt like the fat just melted off and I just had skin there!  WOW, is all my wife kept saying!  We are definitely going to make this a regular part of our health and wellness routine.  We plan on coming in at least once a month.  Its such a necessity!  SG,  Redondo Beach, CA 10/13____________________

From Novice to Ongoing Change

Never Going to See Things the Same Again

I did the Inner/Outer Beauty special because after going through the site I realized I needed almost everything offered here.  I am a novice at all this, and in Cindy's expert care, I feel I changed in so many ways in a very short amount of time.  In fact, I came in 3 days after I did the package because I wanted to really get ahead with my issues.  I got the Shiva tantra healing and again, my world changed dramatically.  I am not the same person I was a week ago, I never want to be that person again!  
RD, RHE, CA 07/13_________________________

Living Life On My Own...  
The Ongoing Transformation of Me

I came in first for slimming treatments because I was going to be on vacation in a bikini.  Loved the wraps (my favorite is the Shape Shift Fusion) then ventured to try some of the healing treatments.  I did the advanced Shakti healing and could NOT handle the energy that was generated.  I cried.  Over the course of a year, my life changed dramatically.  I became more assertive, I found my own apartment and am learning to live an "adult" life.  I still have a long way to go as a recent healing session with Cindy revealed that I still have a lot of intimacy issues which are preventing me from finding the right partner.  I will continue to work on these issues because I don't want to be alone.  I want to have a healthy, loving romantic relationship, sooner rather than later.  LV, LA, CA  03/12_________

Its a Necessity, NOT a Luxury...

Managing a Successful TV Career & Cancer at the Same Time

I was diagnosed with a rare brain chordoma (only 300 new cases a year).  Somehow I was led to find Cindy. In the midst of my daily radiation treatments, I was in need of a "spiritual awakening."  Through her expertise, she devised a healing plan.  I have to say, I felt touched by the light that shines through her.  She knew exactly what I needed and I felt nurtured.  In my every day life, I am busy working on several popular TV shows.  Working with her has helped me manage the stressful pace.  I will be certain to fit her into my busy schedule.  As she says, its a necessity, not a luxury.  RM, Hollywood Hills, CA  01/12___

Business Man's Special

Breaking the Type A Personality

As a successful business man I was out to conquer the world.  I became arrogant, thinking I was invincible.  I met Cindy and found a delightful challenge.  A woman so grounded and so sure of herself that she pushed the limits of what I thought a woman's place should be.  She opened up new avenues to my psyche that for the most part was wild terrain.  She saw deep, deep, deep into my soul, where many dare not to venture, saw my insecurities and vulnerabilities.  I was putty and powerless to the onslaught of healing and an energy so powerful it made me tremble a bit.  Over time she helped reinvent myself so much that I could go out into the world and conquer it like never before.  If you are brave enough to let your guard down and surrender yourself to her, your life will never be the same.     HB, Honolulu, Hawaii 05/10________________

Miracles & A Better Life

Loving Myself
Dear, Cindy
It was nice to see you yesterday. I'm so happy that I could see you and I feel that I could change my life. I feel that my life is going better and everything is going what I want once I went to your place.
I know I made a right decision to see you. When I saw the article about you in the magazine, I feel that I have to take a therapy with you immediately. Something brought me out to your place. I know that I need to change and I did want to change my life. I want better quality of life. After the therapy, I feel that I did change. I don't know what exactly it is, but I know you help me and guide my life. I know I had a right choice that I choose you from many healers.

I want my boyfriend to know he is hurting me with his actions.  Loving self is important, but I need him to treat me like his most important treasure. That means I'm the most priority in his life. (is it too much...?lol)
I think I'm too much but I think I was hurting for a long time. My sorrow is huge that's why I think I want him to be change like I told you.
I do believe everything gonna be alright. I believe the miracle will happen to my life...:)
Thank you for coming in my life
AK, WLA & Japan  08/09__________________

Transformation in Over Drive!!!
Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Never in a million years would I have known that I could have everything my heart desired and more.

I lead such a typical American life chasing the American dream.

Then I was led to call Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.       Funny, the city has typical day spas on every corner.    But Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa is anything but typical.    Its not really a day spa. In fact, its not the treatments (while effective) that make this place so special, its the magic that Cindy brings to each session that makes a difference.    Believe me, there is magic here that I cannot explain.

I had an immediate connection with Cindy.    It was as though we were old friends and over the years of coming here, we have become friends.

I am a cancer survivor, and through Cindy's help, I realized that the cancer developed because of unresolved issues in my life.    I realized that I had stumbled    upon a gold mine and the infinite wealth (not only physical wealth, but emotional and spiritual wealth as well) that would eventually be mine as I transformed myself.

Never would I have imagined that I would acquire a $100,000 dream vehicle and a million dollar home in the same year and I know that it was because of Cindy's magic that helped me draw this to me that allowed for me to have this.

I also have the peace and content that used to elude me and my life is so fulfilled that I can't imagine wanting any more.    But Cindy has assured me that there is much more waiting for me.    Now I am so committed to myself and cannot imagine not having Cindy's magic and guidance to help me through this journey and has single-handedly changed my life for the better.

If you are lucky enough to get a session here, your life will never be the same.

SMJ, Manhattan Beach, CA

I am the Goddess.... 10/06

Hi Cindy!

It was so wonderful meeting with you on Saturday. I feel like a weight has been lifted. Today, at lunch, I'm going to head over to the jewerly mart (downtown LA) to look in to some ideas I have. And I asked a seamtress friend of mine if she'd be interested in making linings for my purses and she said 'yes.'

BUT I wanted to tell you what happened right after I left on Saturday. I drove down to the beach as you suggested. Remember you kept seeing the face of a man with dark features, goatee and tall? As soon as I got out of my car, at the beach, (less than 10 after I left you) my phone rang. It was a man that I gave my number to a few days prior but never heard from, so I forgot about him. He started off the coversation talking about spirituality, he was pretty deep...which you said the man in your vision was. Also, he's 6'4". When I got home, I logged onto my computer to see his picture...he seemed to look EXACTLY like the man you described. Also, he's 6'4".    I've attached his picture.

We ended our conversation with him saying he'll "call me tomorrow." Well tomorrow hasn't come yet, I haven't heard from him again. But I'm not worried about it (like I used to) because I'm a Goddess!

Thank you for everything!

Success...From a Size 24 to a Size 10!

I had already lost 50 pounds before finding Beach Bodyworks.    Although I had had such an incredible weight loss, many of my friends hadn't really noticed because my proportion was all wrong!   

I started with the inch loss body treatments and immediately after my first one, someone asked if I had lost weight.    The treatment tightened my loose, sagging skin, and contoured my body, as well as made me feel fabulous!    I was hooked! I booked every Saturday for the next 5 months.    I also incorporated the other body treatments to enhance the results.    LOVED them all!

I learned about the healing sessions and consulted with Cindy to decide which ones would be best for me.    I think I've tried all of them and miraculously, I started to transform my body even more as I released the emotional baggage.

I am so grateful, and tell Cindy all the time, that my life is so much more enjoyable and fulfilling, in ways that I know, hadn't I found Beach Bodyworks and Cindy's magic, I wouldn't experience otherwise.

Before I came in, I could barely walk up a flight of steps without being winded.    Now, I'm training to run my first marathon.

Some people have a shopping addiction, I have a Beach Bodyworks addiction!

BPG, Lawyer, Redondo Beach


UPDATE:       November 2004:

I can't believe how wonderful my life is now.       I found the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I actually changed my whole opinion about marriage and children, and my career has taken off.       I recently called Cindy to thank her again for helping me get to this place. Granted, it cost a small fortune, but it was worth every penny!

BPG,       Happy and content.

UPDATE:    March 2005:

I recently spoke with Cindy, and again had to thank her for all the work that she did to transform me into the person that I am today.    I can truly say that I am whole and complete, and I know it would have taken a lifetime to achieve had I not taken the first step and come in for a treatment.

I am 5 months pregnant, when, just a short while ago I was set on not having children and just focused on my career.    I became a partner at my law firm and my significant other has agreed to be a stay at home dad so that I can continue to pursue my career.    I couldn't have asked for anything better.    To my amazement, my pregnancy symptoms were so graciously taken on by my partner so that I could continue to work.

I love my life and am so incredibly happy.    Since I am pregnant, I am incorporating some of the treatments to detox my body so that my baby can be as healthy as can be.

BPG, Mom to be and content career woman.

Where Do I Begin....
Rapid Results Blew Me Away!

The following took place from 12/06-3/07

I started researching angels and was lucky enough to find a real earth angel.

My life was in shambles. My daughter had been stolen from me and despite tens of thousands of dollars being spent fighting the case for two years, I was told that there was no hope.
I was starting to slowly die inside. I didn't know what to do. It had been six months since I'd seen my baby. I gained weight, I was depressed and I was searching for an answer.
My personal life was affected as well. My relationship was more than on the was at the edge of a steep cliff which had been jagged and rocky for a long time.

I had exhausted all of my financial resources and had went from having a great deal of money down to nothing, borrowing money to get by and selling my things on Ebay.

My son was very sad from missing his sister, his best friend. He became more of a homebody, an introvert. His grades were affected and we needed a miracle.

I found Cindy's site and I knew I had to come in asap. The first day I came in I brought my fiancee and my son as well. We came in for healing.

Lying on the table for healing was a beautiful experience. Cindy knew things about me that noone else could ever know. She knew so many things I couldn't even attempt to list all of them.

She told me that my daughter was fine and that she missed me. I cried instantly because I had started to believe that my daughter didn't miss me. She told me not to worry because my
daughter would be home soon. This seemed to be an impossibility, yet, I believed her. She told me I'd find an attorney and my daughter would come home. She said she had a vision of a shark.

She also told me that she had a vision of an ashire ring, this pertained to my fiancee. She told me that we were soul mates and we were meant to be together. I had been wondering if we were    meant to break up because there were so many strains on the relationship and I was looking for signs.

After the amazing experience, I went home and started researching lawyers. I'd been told my my attorneys and police that I might not see my daughter for years. I found a law firm and emailed them.

They called me back after reviewing my case and said they wanted to take it and for me to come in. They said they only take on cases that they win. We went in. At the meeting, the lawyer who had impeccable credentials and background experience showed us that he had the tattoo of a shark on his arm and a huge picture of a shark on his wall. I retained the lawyers and they began work immediately.

In less than 2 weeks my daughter was back home. It was an absolute miracle!!! Cindy had been so confident while I had been so anxious about the situation. Once my daughter was home, my life progressively changed for the better. I kept doing healings with my family as well as wraps and other treatments such as DNA, absent healings, and many more.

We were able to finally see the people in our lives who'd been causing turmoil and get them away from us. We went to a jeweler and I picked out a beautiful ring that was shown to me. It turned out to be a flawless ashire ring! Everything Cindy said came true!

She did healings on our home to clear it out. My fiancee's brother had visited and brought a lot of negativity. After the clearing, his true nature came out when he was gone. We found out about all his lies and horrible things he'd done in his home city.

My fiancee had been dealing with a very difficult divorce situation as well as problems with his family and career. He discovered the sneaky doings of everyone in each situation and finally began to get justice despite all that he'd previously dealt with.

The attorneys were able to fix the situation and protect my daughter. My son is much happier, doing better in school, and his personality is shining.

I look and feel better. My outlook and personality are back. I feel empowered, confident, and successful. I know that life is going to continually get better and I know that with so many amazing changes in short time, the sky is the limit with continual healing sessions. Cindy is truly a miracle worker and her healing is profound. Thank you eternally Cindy for how much you've helped our family change for the better in all aspects of life in such a short amount of time.

Nikki , Model, Actress, Entertainer, BH, CA

From London With Love...
Fortune 500 Meets the Wise Woman

I am a very successful businessman, very prominant in the financial arena, in fact if you walked into any branch of a very well known bank and mentioned my name, they would know who I was. I am now overseas, the president of one of the largest European financial institutions with 32,000 employees.  I flew out to spend time with agood friend who told me she had arranged a "surprise" for me.  The surprise turned out to be a healing session with Cindy at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa, and while I am well travelled and consider myself to be worldly, I must say that I have never experienced anything like this. This woman touched my soul, and made me experience things unimaginable, certainly not of this world, and I am so intrigued and convinced that she can make me into something more than I already am, that I will certainly make the trans Atlantic trip just to see her again, and hopefully regularly, otherwise I'll just have to fly her out to me, which would be more than worth it! 

MA, London, UK

Success...Transforming My Entire Family!

An Angel walks among us...I found her here.
You'll see it in her aura, you'll feel it in her space, you'll be completely transformed, if you want to be, just surrender to her.

Where do I begin?    The beginning of this journey is a vague memory.    All I know is that the life we knew is long gone and the way we live now is more the "norm" (whatever "the norm" is).

My brother learned from my father to treat women as second rate citizens.    I hadn't realized this until I witnessed for myself the way he verbally and emotionally abused his girlfriend.

I asked Cindy to help his see the err of his ways through absent/remote healing sessions and to help him heal those issues that were causing him to behave this way.    She did several healing sessions and soon after, I saw my brother acting differently. Amazing!    I couldn't believe it!

My aunt was also a control freak and tormented my uncle for years.    Cindy did several absent healing treatments for this situation and all of a sudden my uncle became more assertive and is planning on leaving this abusive situation.    Incredible!

My grandmother's house was a vortex for negative energy to come through and for as long as I remembered, I never felt comfortable in it, always feeling as though someone was looking over my shoulder.    I asked Cindy to help clear this energy and after several absent healing treatments on the house, the fruit trees in the back yard started to produce a multitude of fruit and the house felt warm and cuddly.    I can't explain it, but for the first time I can be in the house and enjoy being there as well as enjoy the sweetest oranges and lemons.

10/29/06:    After leaving my previous employer, I felt drained and exhausted from the bad energy around me. I submitted an average of 20 resume per day via internet and had NO responses what so ever. I was beginning to fall in a cloud of depression because I wasn't able to find a job. After Cindy's healings, detoxs and manifestations, I went from having no job prospects to having 7 in two days time. I was even contacted from recruiters of positions that I had not even applied for. After two weeks of interviews I accepted an offer from a company that found me online. I have never been happier. And it is all thanks to the power of manifestations and Cindy's amazing healings.

More success stories to come....

CG, Torrance, CA

The Truth Shall Set You Free...
How I Fought Back Against a Car Sale SCAM

You'd never know it, but upon first meeting Cindy your first impression is that she is young, sweet, and mild mannered.    While she is all of the above, this healer is fiery.    She is certainly not one to be taken lightly, and while she embodies all of the qualities that a healer should embody, she is also quite ruthless and when provoked, will draw all the elements needed to ensure that justice is served.

Most people may believe that someone so spiritual and holistic should be more understanding, but Cindy believes that holistic and spiritual do not mean "pushover" as she lives her life in the present and never lets herself be victimized.

She is a virtual Mata Hari, with skills developed when working undercover for Vice and FBI in 1995.    She has the advantage though, because she has the powers beyond logic that helps her with her strategy.

She is one who will never be labled a "victim" but rather learns from situations and miraculously turns them around to work in her favor.    What a powerful woman in a predominantly male world that she helps other women harness their power to fight back.

I was scammed by a really shady car salesman who needed to sell a car.    Not only was every line in the book was used, every lie that would possibly assuade me to purchase a car, suggestions were made that would irrevocably affect my credit, and outright disrespect was prevalent.

I told Cindy about my situation and she taught me that "The truth will set me free."    What she meant by that was to expose this salesman and the dealer that he worked for about the shady sales tactics and that would free me from my victimization.

My backbone wasn't strong enough to do it myself so I hired Cindy to do it for me.    She gladly accepted because she was on fire and wanted justice to be served (she would make a great lawyer!).

She got the message across and was heard and justice was served.    

A word to the wise, if you feel victimized by any company that scams people (ie: drop shipping product and billing the credit card on a monthly basis, inability to reverse or cancel accounts/charges, inability to find the company, etc.) file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, contact local media, and any other means to get the word out.

The truth shall set you free.

RA, Irvine, CA

CAUSE & EFFECT:    The moral of this experience is that no one should get away with disrespect.    My experience with this whole situation has helped me evolve into a more powerful human being.    Not one who seeks revenge, but one who found it a moral duty to put this shady salesman in his place and have him pay the consequence for his actions

Better Than a Private Eye

Its nice to have the upper hand on situations....

Words right out of her mouth...

Oh my god!!!       I was having issues with my live in boyfriend.    I was led to Cindy and she read him like a book.    She was so connected that certain phrases and words that she expressed in the readings would come out of HIS mouth when I got home.    He actually thought I had a PI watching him.    If he only knew I had Cindy, who is better than a PI because she can tune in any where in the world, and into any situation.

What's nice is that I got the counseling along with the information so that I knew how to handle the situation instead of attacking him and making things worse.    Amazing!    SS, Redondo Beach, CA _____________________

MY NEW ADDICTION...After my first reading with Cindy my new guy called and said a lot of the same things that Cindy said almost verbatim!    So now I'm hooked.    Since my first consult, I have been able to view this new relationship objectively, and able to seperate myself from my friend's biased opinions.    Cindy says, "they offer advice based on their own experiences.    There's no way they can be objective.    And if one of your girlfriends is particularly unhappy, she may be sabotaging you to keep you from obtaining happiness yourself.    Don't get sucked into the misery."    I get that, that's why I call Cindy.    Every time I talk with her I calm down, and something wonderful happens with my new guy.    I'm so glad to have found her, she better than therapy!    JP, Redondo Beach, CA____________________


My childhood friend died of mysterious causes when we were 17.    Since his passing, I had always felt him around me.

I met Cindy and found her gifts fascinating and had her look into the situation out of curiosity.    She told me everything that happened on the fateful night and was quite accurate as far as seeing the place that he had drowned and his physical description.    She also accounted the events that occurred and once the information was relayed to me, I did not sense my friend anymore.    It was as if he led me to her to get closure before he could move on.

By the way, it was an accident.    A couple of drunk friends and bad judgement.

Seargent CD, LA Sherrifs Dept.

Off the Deep End?

I swear I cannot live without Cindy's guidance.

She was away in Vegas when my live in boyfriend went AWOL.    All of my fears surfaced but because of her guidance, I was able to deal with the situation rationally rather than go off the deep end.    When I finally did speak with her, my fears were calmed and I received guidance as far as how to deal with the situation.    I swear I don't know what I'd do without her.    SD, Torrance, CA

Memorable Moments

All of my clients are memorable, but some are really unforgettable!