Skin Refining Treatments
Ideal post liposuction to smooth out skin tone and alleviate scar tissue.

Treatments are designed to help with detoxification, circulation, refining the skin's appearance and texture and to alleviate fluid retention.

Lymphatic Drainage Boot Therapy

As seen on FIT TV's Fitnation.

A pleasantly invigorating, relaxing, but deeply intense treatment that drains the lymphatic system, improves circulation and oxygenation of the cells and tissues.

Each 30 minute session is equivalent to walking 15 miles.

Do alone or combine with other treatments for maximum results and benefits.

Mobilization Contouring & Cellulite Treatment

As seen on FIT TV's Fitnation.

Mobilization treatment is pleasantly relaxing treatment feels like a massage.

- Stimulates collagen production
- Elastin production
- Enhances cellular irrigation and nutrition
- Promotes contouring
- Firming
- Improving skin texture
- Scar therapy
- Stretch mark therapy

Not available to those with:

- Hematoma, Erythema, Eccymosis
- Dermatitis
- Skin tumor
- Infected or tumorous areas
- Deep vein thrombosis
- Fragile capillary systems
- Recent fractures, bone grafts
RECOMMENDED:    Combine with any of the following for optimized cellulite reduction contouring and toning:

- Eurotherma - Fat burning body treatment.

- Inch Loss / Detox Cleansing Body Treatment

- Shape Shift Fusion - The Ultimate fat burning / inch loss treatment.    Our signature exclusive!

- Cavi-Lipo Treatment -breaks up fat cells, tightens skin, produces collagen.

- Lymphatic Drainage BOOT Therapy

Results vary per individual.

Lymphatic Drainage  Treatments