Holistic Life Coaching/Esoteric Counseling / Angel Readings
Clarity & Guidance

Gain clarity & insight, become empowered & enlightened. Take charge of your life! Integrate ancient methods in a modern world!

Practical and pragmatic, this session helps one help one's self! Holistic therapy is the metaphysical approach that integrates the mind, body & spirit. Messages delivered in an intellectually prolific manner, direct and to the point. Work through issues, move past obstacles, make rational, intelligent decisions, overcome conflict, understand any situation, understand one's self and move forward in life!  Messages and guidance from your Angels & Spirit Guides.

Beyond traditional therapy, though not to replace traditional methods, just a step above to give one the leading edge.  Changes in your situation occurs because of this session, sometimes while doing a session!

Sessions with Master/Teacher, Life Coach/Counselor, holistic/esoteric therapist, Cindy, using clarienpathic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience claircognizance), conscious channeling of Universal Intelligence, along with psychometry, the ability to read energy, and a special connection with the angels.My methods are studied by credible institutions and attract even the most educated and accredited of individuals globally, which include law enforcement, psychotherapists, high profile executives, celebrities, and politicians (please read our success stories), seeking enlightenment and truth. 

Providing clarity & guidance since 1996.

Here are some success stories:

...After my first reading with Cindy my new guy called and said a lot of the same things that Cindy said almost verbatim! So now I'm hooked. Since my first consult, I have been able to view this new relationship objectively, and able to seperate myself from my friend's biased opinions. Cindy says, "they offer advice based on their own experiences. There's no way they can be objective. And if one of your girlfriends is particularly unhappy, she may be sabotaging you to keep you from obtaining happiness yourself. Don't get sucked into the misery." I get that, that's why I call Cindy. Every time I talk with her I calm down, and something wonderful happens with my new guy. I'm so glad to have found her, she better than therapy! JP, Redondo Beach, CA____________________

I would rather have holistic therapy than clinical therapy basically because I don't want to be classified as a "text book" case or defined by any case study. What's nice about coming here for clarification is that I am in control and the information acquired doesn't come from any text book. I am not judged like I would be in a clinical situation nor would I be tuned out by a therapist who is so immune and stoic because of the droves of cases that come through the door. Ever notice how therapists are pretty negative and control freaks? No, I don't think I'll be visiting any clinical office any time soon. I'm quite content and happy right here. AP, Redondo Beach, CA___________ (Our healing methods are not meant to replace traditional therapy or medical attention. )

I remember it well. I came in in January 2002 for a detox treatment and also got a reading before I left. I asked Cindy if I was going to buy a house any time soon in the area (Southbay). She said that I wouldn't be buying a house for at least 3 years. I came in yesterday (10/5/05) for a wrap and as I always do I got a reading. Prior to starting, I reminded Cindy of the very first reading that I had gotten 3 years prior and that my man and I just bought a house in Rancho Palos Verdes with escrow closing in November. Its amazing and I am convinced! Cindy has extraordinary gifts and I am so lucky to have found her! EF, El Segundo, CA_____________________

I have been consulting with Cindy for a few years now, and I cannot believe how accurate and compassionate she is! She is so objective, that it only inspires me to be non-judgemental and "above" all of the earthly slovenly ways that much of society practices and believes. What a great person she is! I have just turned 25, and I must say that I am more mature than many of my peers, and I have Cindy to thank for that. I cannot imagine making decisions and life altering choices without her counsel and advice. CG, Torrance, CA_________________

I have known Cindy for several years and she is one of the most powerful manifesters that I have ever known. I have seen her manifest something out of nothing and create some of the most effective and fabulous treatments around. I have seen her help so many people heal themselves, I have so much to learn from her. While very spiritual, she is interestingly NOT "earthy." She is NOT a tree hugger nor does she wear "Jesus sandals." She is NOT a hippie chick, NOT "airy fairy", and certainly NOT the typical metaphysical person, but rather fiery and present, intimidating even the most "type A" personalities (lawyers, doctors, executives, and one particularly ominous action/adventure actor). She is someone that is so in touch, so optimistic, and so passionate about what she does that it inspires me greatly.

MH, Shaman, Native American Medicine Woman, SD, CA & New Mexico____________________

I swear I'm hooked! The first time I came in I had a reading and Cindy told me to be aware of a document with figures on and that I wouldn't be happy when I found it. 5 months later I came across a document at work outlining my commissions and found that someone was embezzling $50,000 of my commissions! Needless to say, I WAS NOT happy about it, just as Cindy had predicted and because I was aware of it, I paid attention to it.

Just recently, my aunt who is on the east coast fell and broke her hip. Cindy told me that a woman who was not my mother was going to have a fall because her legs would give out from under her. She told me this 6 months prior.

Then, Cindy felt like a voyeur because she saw some steamy X-rated stuff going on with me and sure enough, I had some wild, passionate, unbridled sex on/under/in everything except for the bed and all I could think of during this escapade was Cindy saying, "Don't knock over the candles or you'll set your place on fire." Love her and I sure can't live without her! JS, MB

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