Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What is the term, "holistic"?

A:    Holistic, or wholistic, as it is sometimes spelled, is a termed used to describe any therapy which concerns healing of the entire being.    It is based on the premise that we are "whole" people, including a mind, body and spirit.    What affects part affects the whole.

Q:    How many treatments do I need?

A:    The amount of treatments vary with each individual's needs.    We will discuss options and the best course of action to achieve individual's desired goals.

Q:    Are your treatments safe?

A: Many of our treatments are safe enough where we administer to pregnant women and children for detoxification.    Please use common sense if there are any concerns.

Q:    How do people afford to come in so often?

A:    Those unique individuals who value themselves will make our treatments a priority in their lives.

"My husband was totally unsupportive of my doing the treatments, so I skim some money off the grocery budget because I need to have my Beach Bodyworks treatments.    They are THAT important to me and I'll do anything to be able to come in for treatments.    After years of doing that, through Cindy's help and the treatments have helped me grow, mature and become so empowered, that I have taken action to divorce my overbearing, domineering, verbally and emotionally abusive husband and take charge of my life and the lives of my girls before any more damage is done."    JG, Redondo Beach, CA

"My husband would rather have me come in for the Shape-Shift treatment than have me go shopping because when I come home, I feel so good about myself I am all over him.    He looks forward to my appointments here."    EA, Torrance, CA

Q:    Why do you only see 1 - 2 people at a time?

A:       The reason that we only see 1 - 2 guests at a time is that our guests receive our expertise and undivided attention. While it may sometimes be difficult to schedule a session, many of our guests book their sessions in advance and rarely cancel them or have standing appointments indefinitely to ensure that they are guaranteed a session.

Q:    Don't you want to expand?

A:    Not at the moment.    Because of our holistic approach, we cannot be run like any ordinary spa or business.    A majority of our charm is our cozy quaint atmosphere.    It creates a safe environment and calm, soothing retreat for anyone.    The energy in our space is so contained, that its almost as if there were electrical impulses running through the air.    Its a private sanctuary for the guest of the moment.    From observation, it is because we operate in this manner that it compels people from destinations far and near to come here.

Q:    If your treatments are so great, why aren't you located in Hollywood or more of a "mecca" or metropolis kind of area?

A:    People will travel to any location where treatments work.    People from as far away as the east coast (New York, South Carolina, Georgia,    a hurricane Katrina refugee from New Orleans, Louisiana), Belgium , Canada, Fiji, Hawaii, and New Zealand have made the effort to come here.    Those who live across the street are grateful to be so close.    Having to travel to my location makes it more valuable to the individual.

Q:    Do you receive calls from people "comparison shopping?"

A:    Of course we do.    We are all guilty of bargain shopping, and while sometimes bargain shopping may prove fruitful, our clients value every benefit, seen and unseen, that awaits them with the treatments provided here at Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa.

We all know that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," and copy cat establishments all too often expereience that "imitation is never quite as good as the real thing."

All too often, loyal clients have reported that "its not the treatments that make this place so effective and special, its the passion and the energy that is so embedded in the space and emits from the healer that makes it unique."

Another comment is, "I saw this on xxx tv show and looked at the list of providers, and while I could have gone to one that was just down the street from me, I was drawn to Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa instead.    Something about this place is unlike any other, and I am happy to make the trip to come here."

Because nothing else compares, there is no concern for bargain comparison shopping here.

Q:    Do your treatments really work?

A:    Individual results vary.    When someone comes in with an open mind and without expectations, allow themselves to achieve great results.

Each individual is responsible for their own success with the treatments.

Q:    Have you ever had to terminate a session?

A:    On occasion.    While we are quite tolerable and accomodating, we are not emotional punching bags and will not tolerate inappropriate or demanding language, behavior, or disrespect of any kind.

Q:    Do you offer a guarantee?

A:    As mentioned before, each individual is responsible for their own success with our treatments.    We cannot control what anyone does once they leave us.

Q:    Are clients required to commit to a contract?

A:    No.    Our treatments speak for themselves.    It is up to the individual to decide if our treatments are right for them.

Frequently Asked Questions