Eurotherma Fat Burning Treatment

A luxuriously pampering treatment.    An alternative to invasive liposuction!

Less work, more fat loss!

When people are overweight and have cellulite, it is difficult to jump start weight loss and getting into shape.    Problems occur when fat becomes isolated from blood and lymphatic circulation.    When this happens, fat cannot be eliminated from the body.    In order to treat this, it is important to improve circulation and force the body    to use stored fat as energy to fuel the body.

Benefits include:

-Up to 5 lbs. weight loss*.       -Burn up to 4000 calories*.          -Increase metabolism.    - Detoxification.             - Relieve ailments**.          -Relieve dull, dry skin.       -Decrease stretch marks.       -Improve circulation.       - Decrease cellulite.       - Body sculpt.    - Puts the body into fat burning mode***

*Results vary per individual.    Results are not guaranteed.

Combine with Cavi-Lipo treatment, Mobilization lymphatic drainage treatment, or inch loss/detox treatment for added benefit and optimal results.


This treatment is not available to those with a history of heart conditions, high blood pressure, are pregnant, lactating, is unable to perform normal cardiovascular activity, cannot tolerate or is advised to not sit in a sauna, steam room or any activity or treatment involving excessive heat, or has consumed alcohol, or any substance that increases the heart rate.    Please use common sense and consult with a physician if there are any questions or concerns.

Prices furnished upon request.

** Beach Bodyworks does not make any claim to cure or treat ailments.    From client success accounts only.

A satisfied guest has this to say about this treatment:

"I came in with an emergency situation.    I was going to Miami for some heavy promoting for the new [men's] magazine that I work for and wanted to lose the stubborn 5 pounds and tighten up my physique. I called Cindy from San Francisco telling her that I was going to be in town on a photo shoot and we decided that this treatment and a body wrap would be the best solution to my emergency.    I came in, got a fat burn treatment one day and a body wrap the next.    In 24 hours, I had lost 5.5 lbs and I was estatic!    I am certainly going to send all of the models and any one else who needs to tighten up and lose weight to Beach Bodyworks."    MA, Stylist, Art Director, SF, CA

Another happy guest has this to say about this treatment:

"3 days after the treatment I weighed myself and found that I had gone from 185 lbs to 176 lbs.    I am so motivated that I am coming in once a week for a treatment and feel absolutely wonderful!"    MP, LA, CA

I have a hormonal imbalance causing my body to be shaped like a man's. I have no waistline and was able to see a visible difference in my waist after just one treatment!    AM, Torrance, CA


Liposuction Alternative