Esoteric Alchemy

Esoteric AlchemyTM

"Whole Person Feng Shui"

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Sessions with Master/Teacher.

Intangible, not of the senses, a subtle field of energy, the essence of Universal life.

The term "healing" refers to the balancing of energy in the body enabling it to heal itself.

This holistic healing method uses an intelligent energy technique in which spiritually guided energy is drawn and transferred to the core of our being and it is from this level that permanent healing takes place.

It addresses all levels in which physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual blocks are released to promote wholeness, greater health, well-being, and harmony. It uses the intelligent universal life force energy to release energy blocks in the body, balance energy,clear unresolved issues from the past, and to relieve stress, tension, and pain.

Our energy healing treatments are not ordinary! Our methods integrate Universal guidance and inspiration,  Reiki, NLP, hypnotherapy, theta DNA, and other methods making each session different and unique to the individual! Specialized healing agents, channeled specifically for the client, can be added to the session for a completely customized treatment!

Sessions May Help With:

- Heal and transform emotional / relationship issues.

- Promote healthy body image.

- One control eating / food disorders.

- One lose weight.

- To balance chemical / electrical communication within the body.

- To relieve pain / stress related to illness management.

- To relieve anxiety, tension, and emotional blocks.

- To integrate the mind/body/spirit.

- Pre / post operative recovery.

- One to overcome addictions and addictive behavior.

- One to overcome guilt and shame due to past belief systems.

- To heal past wounds and trauma in the energy body.

- One to instill new, more conducive thought patterns and belief systems.

- Promote high self esteem and self confidence.

- Relieve the emotional pain and grief due to the loss of a loved one.

- Release karma.

Each session is unique to the individual.

Please read the therapist/healer bio. It will thoroughly outline her integrity and intention.

Please read our memorable moments page. Our success stories reveal that many of our guests have completely transformed their lives!

Prices supplied upon request.


Utilization of this treatment may result in irreversible, complete success. Use only if ready for complete and ultimate change for the better.