This treatment helps break up the fat cells, produce collagen, and tightens the skin*. 

Available with the higher non-surgical face lift treatments levels. 

Combine with the inch loss detox treatment, shape shift fusion treatment, Eurotherma Liposuction Alternative treatment or Fire and Ice Cellulite treatment for added benefit and results.

​Ideal post surgery, especially liposuction to help prevent and/or treat seroma and uneven skin tone.  Do in conjunction with the mobilization lymphatic drainage treatment for optimal benefit and results.

​* Results vary and are not guaranteed.

I needed to lose a few inches around my tummy.  I had been doing the inch loss detox treatments but wanted to up the ante.  Cindy suggested this treatment and the mobilization lymphatic drainage treatment in addition to the inch loss detox treatment.  The first time I did it, I could feel my tummy deflate.  I just did this combination again yesterday but this time with the Shape Shift Fusion treatment to try something different.  When I did the Cavi-Lipo treatment, I had to go to the restroom after 30 minutes.  I had just gone to the restroom before we started so I knew it was doing something!  Cindy said it was already working on detoxing me!  I could see and feel the difference!  I'm thinking of doing another package like this latest one next week.  Not only did it help with my goals, the Shape Shift Fusion treatment helped with my shoulder surgery healing and recovery.  I am so glad I found her!

​MF, LA, CA 11/17___________________


Break up & metabolize fat cells, produce collagen, tighten skin.