About the Healer

Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach/Counselor, Soul Sculptor,  Esoteric Holistic Therapist/Healer, Maithuna Tantric Therapist/Educator.

A non-conformist, I am a multisensory healer integrating all clarienpathic abilities along with integrating many holistic methodoligies and therapies which may include psychometry, conscious channeling of Universal intelligence, guided imagery, the ability to read energy and a special relationship with the Angels.

Specialties include the tantric healing arts and sacred sexuality methodology.  Sexual dysfunction, intimacy issues, abuse, and technique education are a sampling of my repertoire.  

I have facilitated holistic therapy / counseling and healing professionally since 1996.    Clients include a neurosurgeon from Greece, a former Red Sox player, celebrities, politicians, psychotherapists, law enforcement, lawyers, producers in the entertainment industry and high profile executives.

My earliest recollection of any paranormal experience was at 3 years old.    I continued to use my extrasensory abilities naturally until I was 12 years old.

Having been highly intuitive, extra sensitive and infinitely inquisitive, my own   intuition and passion for knowledge guided me to develop and refine my natural gifts and abilities by involving myself in Eastern Philosophy, Natural Holistic Therapies and Metaphysical Applications since 1980 which has evolved to a heightened spiritual understanding.

I now share this passion and guide others to a higher standard of living...
the way it was intended.

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I was diagnosed with a rare brain chordoma (only 300 new cases a year).  Somehow I was led to find Cindy. In the midst of my daily radiation treatments, I was in need of a "spiritual awakening."  Through her expertise, she devised a healing plan.  I have to say, I felt touched by the light that shines through her.  She knew exactly what I needed and I felt nurtured.  In my every day life, I am busy working on several popular TV shows.  Working with her has helped me manage the stressful pace.  I will be certain to fit her into my busy schedule.  As she says, its a necessity, not a luxury.  RM, Hollywood Hills, CA  01/12

I have been consulting with Cindy for sometime now, mainly with a difficult relationship.  I have to say, she has been so right on with time lines and everything.  Sometimes she tells me things I don't want to hear, but I know its for my own good.  I always turn to her when my friends are no help, and she always puts my fears to rest.  LV, Hermosa Beach, CA

I remembered seeing an article in a magazine 2 years ago about Cindy and the wonderful healing treatments that she provides.    I had never had an esoteric energy healing before and was suffering from a lot of depression and unexpressed anger.    In fact a lot of issues were plaguing me so I called the magazine and they gave me the information.    I couldn't believe that in just 1 hour I felt sooooo much better.    She saw inside my head, she helped release the problems.    I was lightheaded after, she said it was because things were moving out of me, through me.    I can't really explain what happened, all I know is, I am in a much better place than I was when I first walked in.    Yuko, makeup artist,    LA, CA & Japan 

I have known Cindy for several years and she is one of the most powerful manifesters that I have ever known.    I have seen her manifest something out of nothing and create some of the most effective and fabulous treatments around.    I have seen her help so many people heal themselves, I have so much to learn from her.    While very spiritual, she is interestingly NOT "earthy."    She is NOT a tree hugger nor does she wear "Jesus sandals."    She is NOT a hippie chick, NOT "airy fairy", and certainly NOT the typical metaphysical person, but rather fiery and present, intimidating even the most "type A" personalities (lawyers, doctors, executives, and one particularly ominous action/adventure actor).    She is someone that is so in touch, so optimistic, and so passionate about what she does that it inspires me greatly.    MH, Shaman, Native American Medicine Woman, SD, CA & New Mexico

"Cindy is so approachable, like your best girlfriend, yet so incredibly wise.    Her energy can be described as Zen, but while she is grounded and balanced, she is also immensely firey.    She's like a leopard or a lynx, so fluid, exotic, and mysterious, unseen and unheard, yet with incredible presence.    With an energy that precedes her, yet when needed will become known, quick witted and able to see the silver lining in every situation, I only aspire to achieve the level of Zen sophistication that she has achieved so long ago.    Thank you, Cindy, for being a special soul and for using your gifts to elevate."    LA, Beverly Hills, CA

My whole family fell under the influence of a gypsy fortune teller witch doctor.    In our naivete, these evil people used our fears against us and revelled in our misery.    Then we were led to Beach Bodyworks...The Healing Spa and completely transformed our lives using the pure light that Cindy uses to help people heal themselves.    It was comforting when we understood that "what goes around comes around" and that these evil people would certainly pay for the manipulative dark energy they use on unsuspecting people.    Thank you, Cindy.    Our family will continue to educate others about the evil ways of gypsy fortune tellers.       GT,    Los Angeles, CA