About Us...

Who We Are

Since childhood, I had a definite purpose and drive to help people live freely and completely.  Having broken out of the bonds and restrictions that may inhibit my own free spirit, I created A Healing Spa in 2000. Since my fierce sense of independence and inability to conform, I pioneered my way into creating my space to be what it is today.  A safe haven where all people who seek a higher standard of living can come to embrace enlightenment and personal power through all of the natural treatments offered here.  

I am known mostly for the healing methods that I have been offering professionally since 1996 and have helped people globally.  Who knew that going forward that PSYCHOLOGY TODAY magazine and several branches of the CANCER SOCIETY would contact me a full decade later (2006) to include me as a resource in their mainstream database of resources as a complimentary therapy provider. 

I resonate especially well with TYPE A individuals who strive for limitless boundaries and success.  I assist in breaking glass ceilings and achieving untapped potential.

I work independently.  I am NOT affiliated with any other individual, group or organization.  I choose to work alone because my creativity is uninhibited and limitless magic can occur.

My belief is that if you are meant to come to A Healing Spa, you will be brought here regardless.  As they say, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  This is the pattern that I have witnessed over the years here and am certain of it still.

Many thanks to all of you who have graced me over the years.  I continue to look forward to assisting you mold your visions of a serenely fabulous life!!!

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